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help me..有關英文作文thank.20


*.king of rubbish you usually find in school area

*.things we can do to clean up the rubbish

*.way of stopping students littering

*.why it is important to keep your school clean

*.any ideas you think are important..

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    1. We usually find some rubbish such as cans, papers, cartons in the school area.At recess or lunch time, students like eating snacks and drinking soft drink or juice. After that, there are many rubbish left. And then, they also use a lot of papers for writing.

    2. Students should throw the rubbish in the rubbish bins. And then, when they leave the classroom, they should pick up the rubbish from the floor. And then, they can recycle the papers and put them into the recycling bins.

    3. The prefects can stop the students littering. If they do, they should be punished by teachers. For example, teachers can ask them to clean up the rubbish in the school area after school.

    4. If we keep our school clean, we will have a good conditional to study. There is not any flies and cockcoaches. Therefore, they will not spread the disease for us.

    5. Keeping the school clean is the responsible of every students. They should do their best and make their school clean.

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