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請盡量以體面,有禮的字詞.因為封信係直接比 director of department睇的!


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    1. To concentrate on my studies.

    2. Cannot handle my work while handling my studies.

    It is essential for me to concentrate on my studies since the results of examinations can affect and even change my prospect and my future. It would be much better if I can go back to your company after acquiring a better qualification.

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    Hello, my suggestions as below:

    1) I have to concentrate & complete on my further studies.

    2) I am so sorry that really cannot afford on my career and studies both at same time.

    3) In fact, now I have to make hard decision to take my time on my studies than the career.

    4) Appreciate for your kind understanding that I really hope to finish & complete my studies at this stage.

    Thank you.

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