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請問 國外的管理評論 在台灣有中譯版本嗎

像是 哈彿管理評論 就有中文版 請問還有什麼有關於"管理"的雜誌有中文版?!

我再找這篇期刊(An Informatics Blueprint for Healthcare Quality Information Systems)的"中文"

非常重要 如果有的大大 可以給我嗎

如果必要的話 要付錢 也是可以的!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    An Informatics Blueprint for Healthcare Quality Information Systems Joyce C. Niland, Layla Rouse, and Douglas C. Stahl

    Journal of The American Medical Informatics Association. 2006;13:402-417.

    There is a critical gap in our nation's ability to accurately measure and manage the quality of medical care. A robust healthcare quality information system (HQIS) has the potential to address this deficiency through the capture, codification, and analysis of information about patient treatments and related outcomes. Because non-technical issues often present the greatest challenges, this paper provides an overview of these socio-technical issues in building a successful HQIS, including the human, organizational, and knowledge management (KM) perspectives. Through an extensive literature review and direct experience in building a practical HQIS (the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Outcomes Research Database system), we have formulated an "informatics blueprint" to guide the development of such systems. While the blueprint was developed to facilitate healthcare quality information collection, management, analysis, and reporting, the concepts and advice provided may be extensible to the development of other types of clinical research information systems.

    哈彿管理評論有中文版是因為市場夠大。但這篇發表在美國醫學資訊學會期刊(Journal of The American Medical Informatics Association)的 An Informatics Blueprint for Healthcare Quality Information Systems 雖然文章非常不錯,談的醫療服務品質資訊系統(HQIS)確實是重要的主題,但恐怕是沒有中文版,畢竟醫學資訊的受眾有限。

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