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    Baroque periods: 1600 to 1750.

    "Baroque" (Baroque) is the Portuguese word, which originally refers to "irregular" or "abnormal" pearls, the word will be extended, then a "strange" and "exaggerated" means. During this period emerged a phenomenon that is new and old of different styles of music is obviously coexist.

    Baroque music features:

    1. The use of digital bass: Basso is not the name of a certain type of instrument, but a composer means.

    2. For the formation of the system: based on the theory of harmony, minor scale system, in Baroque music gradually became the mainstream.

    3. Melodies with the vigorous development:

    Classical period were: 1750 to 1820.

    Classical Music Group gave listeners a simple, clear, beautiful, balanced impression, and the gorgeous Baroque music and style complex, and romantic music composer stressed that the venting personal feelings, is very different.

    Classical music camp during the characteristics:

    1. Basso's do not have to give up: this time the composer of the tunes sound皆已part of the whole write and arrange all kinds of instruments as to increase the changes of different sounds.

    2. Phrases "gradually strong" and "weak gradually," the use of performance:

    3. Sonata Form of established:

    Romantic music sent periods: 1820 to 1900.

    Emphasis on individualism, personal feelings, re-subjective, advocating novel, focused on the national character, music and the rise of the study, style is unrestrained freedom, the form freely, many tend to the title music.

    Romantic music camp during the music features:

    1. Heading the establishment of music: the so-called "headline music" refers to music by composer to describe a certain story or a certain scene of the atmosphere, and he described the application of the melody or rhythm, or even to imitate the real voice To the sound effects, music shows to the specific content of the music. Wei Wa's Violin Concerto No. written by "Four Seasons" is very well-known example.

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    2. Symphonic poems have: it is all a form of freedom of movement and orchestral music. Since it is a symphonic poem of a music title, its purpose is to describe the natural things, it can present a story, depicts a scene, or to show something of the composer's feelings.

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    3. Nationalism and the combination of music: Some of them have used folk melodies and rhythms, while some of the nation's legend, anecdote as a creative themes. The music is composed by ethnic characteristics, thus forming a so-called "national music camp."

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    Modern music camp periods: 1900 to date.

    And the community very much like now, some innovation, not how good music or sounds very strange, some are old, imitating the former music camp with some of the things modern.

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