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i have this assignment where i have to write about six synopsis on earthquakes, floods, etc has happened in the year 2008...plz can sum1 list out a few events that happened this year besides the earthquake in china..

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    1. (May 7, 2008) — The Chaiten volcano now erupting in southern Chile is one of 200 to 300 volcanoes in the "Andean Arc" region of Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Columbia considered active by volcanologists, some of which lie in much more densely populated areas, said a University of Colorado at Boulder geologist who has studied Chaiten.

    2. Earthquake In Illinois Could Portend An Emerging Threat

    ScienceDaily (Apr. 25, 2008) — To the surprise of many, the earthquake on April 18, 2008, about 120 miles east of St. Louis, originated in the Wabash Valley Fault and not the better-known and more-dreaded New Madrid Fault in Missouri's bootheel.

    3. Cyclone Nargis And Myanmar Floods Seen From Space

    ScienceDaily (May 8, 2008) — Envisat captured Cyclone Nargis making its way across the Bay of Bengal just south of Myanmar on 1 May 2008. The cyclone hit the coastal region and ripped through the heart of Myanmar on May 3, devastating the country.

    4. Current Major Flooding In U.S. A Sign Of Things To Come, NOAA Predicts

    ScienceDaily (Mar. 23, 2008) — Major floods striking America’s heartland in March offer a preview of the spring seasonal outlook, according to NOAA’s National Weather Service. Several factors will contribute to above-average flood conditions, including record rainfall in some states and snow packs, which are melting and causing rivers and streams to crest over their banks. The week of March 15, more than 250 communities in a dozen states are experiencing flood conditions.

    5. Haze in West Sumatra thickens

    May 22, 2008, 2:41 pm

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    Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The haze which has been enveloping West Sumatra for the past two days following the emergence of hot spots in a number of locations became thicker on Thursday but domestic and international flight schedules were not yet affected.

    Air transport activities were proceeding normally and had remained unaffected up to Thursday, the chief of Minangkabau International Airport (BIM)`s operations division, Satyah Anggara, said here on Thursday.

    6. High winds kill eight and cut power in central Europe

    Sat Mar 1, 2008 6:04pm GMT

    VIENNA/PRAGUE (Reuters) - Gale-force winds hammered Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic on Saturday, killing at least eight people, snarling transport networks and cutting power lines.

    In Germany, trains were delayed by uprooted trees and an intercity express collided with a fallen tree between the cities of Cologne and Koblenz, injuring the driver.

    Nearly 130 flights to or from Frankfurt airport were either cancelled or diverted, a spokesman said.

    Officials said air traffic in Austria and the Czech Republic was also briefly interrupted when the storm, packing winds of between 155 kph (96 miles) and 180 kph (110 mph) lashed parts of central Europe.

    The storms left a mounting death toll across the region.

    Hope this helps! :)

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    Hi Sheena,

    Please check

    as you might be aware that Indonesia is one of the natural disasters "super market" in the world


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    check on

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