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can you get contacts for any perscription?

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    you can get contacts with any prescription that's not in the 600 range or stigmatizum

    is higher than 600 then you can't get contacts. or if you need bi-focials then no.

    but you should go get an contact exam because they measure the pupil and the width to get the right kind for you that well fit.


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    There are a few limitations...if your Rx is very high (either high plus or minus - over 12.00) or if you have a signifigant amount of astigmatism (-2.50 and up) you will have difficulty finding the proper contacts (or any at all)

    The shape of your eye as it relates to the base curve of the lens is another consideration to make.

    My advice to you if you are considering contacts is to get a new prescription (if you haven't had an eye exam in the last two years) and take it to an eyecare professional. They will be able to tell you the lenses that you need and take the necessary measurements to get the proper fit.

    Good luck!

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    unless its REALLY bad, you should be able to, but it will depend on the amount of astigmatism (if any) tha you have too..just call your doctor...they should be able to give you all the info you need ;)

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