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Glen Greene asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

Hockey the 4th, 5th, 6th..... Sport?

Watching the Memorial Cup on the NHL Network got me thinking why do people always call hockey the 4th sport?

With so many American Junior teams pulling in at least a 1000 people at the gate and some teams up in 5000. How can people really consider Hockey a funky, niche or cult sport?

I will not argue that Football is king in American but in most small towns and or cities you get maybe 5 or 6 home games a year compared to 30 or 40 hockey games.

Yeah Hockey might not be a huge "TV" sport but seeing how can see your own lads down at your own barn, doesn't the boys in the show come second?

Anyways love to hear your takes and add-ons


More of my point is how more towns have a local hockey that is in the sense more popular then football, baseball or basketball

Update 2:

More of my point is how more towns have a local hockey that is in the sense more popular then football, baseball or basketball

Update 3:

You guys are making my point that yes nationally it is 4th but in reality and or yours and our world it is far from 4th. Hockey is at our Wells Fargo or Lincoln Ice Center.

Hockey has always bring together the White collar and Blule collar folk down to the old barn to watch a tilt between the good guys and those punks from Des Monies

Update 4:

Mets Fans 2044 in TV World



3 Nascar

4 Golf

5 - tie NBA / MMA (UFC)


7 Soccer or Tennis

8 Bull Riding ahh Just Kidding

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Because sports are ranked according to the almighty dollar and not the passion it will never be as "popular" in the mainstream sports world. But as all us passionate hockey fans know, there is no sport better than hockey. I coach Little League and a typical game gets maybe 30 to 40 fans on a great night and I love going down to the local ice arena where on any typical night a Pee-Wee or Bantom game can have 200-300 fans. The high school games draw nearly as many fans as the football team does...if the arena seated more it would draw pretty close to even (our rink has seating for 1,000). Until the media embraces hockey (I have to laugh watching the local sports anchors butcher hockey player names...but they can pronounce the name of some obscure basketball player from some foreign land with an 18 sylible last name like they have been best friends forever) hockey is destined to be thought of as the red headed step child of mainstream sports. Too bad for them, the way I see it, it is their loss. But I will clear a spot on the bandwagon just in case one of them wants to hop aboard! Hockey is just too exciting and intense for some people and the game moves way too fast for them. In one minute of time elapsed at a football game we can see a lot of standing around followed by a 5 or 6 second burst of potential minute of a hockey game can provide non stop intense action, that is too much for some.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its based on ratings and revenue. I personally think hockey should be the number 1 sport in the world (maybe not the middle east... I just can't see that happening.) But it pisses me off more people watch a bunch of thugs with squeaky shoes doing jack **** and getting paid for it, or as those people call it basket ball. Football is a good sport that just doesnt appeal to me. It is too slow and the WOWs come few and far between in my opinion. Baseball is another sport i have a hard time watching because of the slow pace and frequent stops in play. Last on my **** list is nascar, im not going into this cause its NOT a sport, and if you think it is **** you.

    The reason hockey isn't watched on TV as much as baseball or football is people don't understand all the penalties and rules and dont care to learn them. I don't understand this one bit seeing how football has many more and much more complicated rules than hockey but over half the country will watch it. On top of the people not understanding hockey, it doesn't translate well to TV unless you have been to hockey games before, if you have it is much better than any other sport cause the cameras are right in the stands it is like being there (In HD).

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  • Id say were 4th behind 1. Football 2. Baseball 3. Basketball.

    For me personally (and a lot of Detroiters), Hockey is 1.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I think Football is the #1 followed by Baseball and Basketball. But I think that the popularity of baseball and absketball are decining so I think hockey will get a lot more popular for the next 5-20 years.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I totally agree with you. I personally love hockey and when you watch in person it is the best even better then baseball and football... I think the nhl lost a lot of its fans because of the lockout. and then verus picked it up which i find was an awful descion... In my world the order of sports in the united states would be:


    2) Hockey


    4)Nba( i really find this sport boring)





    how do you find this order???

    This is a really good question.

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  • cme
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    1 decade ago

    It's kind of stuck in a circle. Hockey can't get more popular without better TV coverage in the US and they won't get better coverage until it gets more popular.

    Football would be a lot less popular if ESPN et al kept telling people how bad/boring the sport is and didn't brag it up to be the greatest thing in the world.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because that's what the American media says and people are forced to follow like cattle. If hockey is aired as much down there as it is up in Canada (for example, on espn), you can bet that it'll be even more popular than it was back in the mid-'90s.

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  • 1 decade ago

    All depends on the state. If you live in Minnesota or Michagan, hockey is by far the most popular sport. Getting 19,000 people at state. But, if you live in a state other than that it is mostly football, basketball, and whatever else.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would say it is third, if it was my choice second. I don't rate baseball as a great sport. Too many have nots and not enough haves. Basketball is second, hate to say it but it true and football is number 1.

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  • 1 decade ago

    On a National level it is the 4th in popularity. And I might add a distant 4th at that. It's unfortunate but that's the way it is. It's more of a regional/weather related issue.

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