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Spiritually speaking, is there such a thing as "potential"?

What is that potential, and how does someone live up to it?

Who sets the bar on such a thing?

Or... is it that this concept is actually a limitation on being who you are in the present moment?

You be the judge... ;-)

all thoughts welcome...

And please... by all means... please live up to your potential when answering this question! =P

{{{{{{{{ potentially potential-less love for all }}}}}}}}

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    "Potential" implies "potent" or "potency"...the latent power to become that which is contained in the Seed of Being. We are all the Seeds of Love and Light in different stages of "being." We contain the power of Source that moves endlessly and flawlessly through us as Its containers for the outpouring or ex-press-ing (pressing out) of the wine from the grape, the juice from the pulp, creation from Creator. One need not "live up to one's potential" can we be other than what we already are?. One need only open to allow the free, unobstructed flow of What Is to move through one. After all, are we not called human "beings?' It is for Source to define, refine, and divine Its creation. All we can do is to come to consciousness and be aware, willing, and co-operative. How easily we ignore what is within us...powerful, authoratative, all-knowiing. How could we possibly disagree with such Might...unless we were trapped in surreal dreams of disconnection and difference and separation? Yet the dream is a comic book rendition, a child's fantasy, Blindman's Bluff, Hide-and-Seek, a playground chase of Tag You're It...temporary playful diversions. Any thoughts of "living up to one's potential" fall short of, and therefore limit, Divine Mind through concepts. When the child grows up, does not fantasy fall away? Reality is only an awakening away. The fully realized adult becomes the co-operative potential of Source, the seed, blossoming through the power/potency of Love/Light/God. Thus, simply, the being is fulfilling "Its" omnipotence as that "potency" moves through it.

    i am Sirius

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    Just a limited idea on my part, but potential would be a Christian concept. If we don't live up to it, we fall short and are sinners who have something to feel guilty about. In truth, there is only what IS, but there is the Ego straying away from reality. Only two states. One is either being True to the Self, or one is NOT.

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    Potential is a term used to indicate that which is in our ability to Be or manifest but due to programming or conditioning either are unaware that we possess the ability or have been conditioned to believe we are something other than our full abilities. I disagree that it keeps one from full expression in the now, even the teachings tell us our potential is here now, Be it now. I guess the term as I have been taught is a little of a misnomer, I am my potential.

    Who sets the bar on potential? Ultimately we all have the same potential, it is just that some have discovered more of their Truth in this moment than perhaps another, or perhaps a different aspect of that Truth instead of "more". No one can escape their "potential", everyone is awakening!


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    I believe within the world, there is something known as "potential".

    If the 'conditions' are correct a rose bud has the potential to open, and become something magnificent.

    If the 'conditions' are correct a human being has the potential to open, and become something magnificent.

    One must find the correct 'conditions', for things to happen.

    If one finds the correct 'conditions', then one has an excellent chance, to experience something magnificent.

    The odds are in mans favor to experience something magnificent only if one allows that which is natural to take place.

    Things happen naturally, when man moves from complexity to simplicity.

    "We should all strive to experience something "Potentially - Magnificent."

    We are living in an age of infinite possibilities.

    Human beings make something so very difficult (complex), when in reality it is so very easy (simple).

    "Peace be always with you."

    Source(s): a small insignificant sufi student....
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    Perhaps our spiritual potential is our capacity to see the portent in all things. Some see it in what things are. Some seem to see it only in some familiar dogma. So, YOU be the judge!

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  • First of all, I only represent my own beliefs, I don't state this as fact, so keep your mice away from the thumbs down, people. My belief is just as valid as anyone elses.

    Myo=manifest ho=potential

    Together they represent a continuum. Myoho=the mystic law.

    We are Myoho. Therefore, our potential is one with our manifestation. The distinction is only one of semantics, and a full awareness of what we really are eliminates the perception of duality.

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    the soul's constitutional position is to be eternal, full of knowledge and bliss.

    At the present moment we are covered by material conditioning, and cannot exhibit the true nature of our self, the soul. we are laboring under so many false and temporary designations , "I am yellow, black, white, male, female, rich, poor", etc.

    so the soul's potential is........

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    Potential is what you dream, desire, want with all your existance. You live up to the potential by accepting it.

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    Potential is all that could be.

    I don't see it as something to live up to.

    It is possibility, open.

    When we try to live up to potential, then we limit it.

    No limits - all potential.

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