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Any Cops out there or Recruiters???

I am 24 years old, and I wanted to become a police officer, I told them the truth like they watned me to, and still they didnt accept my application...but yet here in Maryland they have officers in (Baltimore) touching kids and doing all the wrong can a kid like me who made some mistakes as a Teen...but who has turned his life around, doing better for himself and those around, not be accpeted into the police field?

This is really bothering me in a big way...I want to get in so bad, I would be willing to give up everything to relocate to get with a good department...

Any ideas who I would be able to share my story with, who can make a difference?

Thank you.

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    A little vague there. If you are interested in MPDC, e-mail me and let me know what Baltimore told you they were declining you for. I applied for several departments and was turned down from Baltimore and a few others for having a couple plates and pins in my hand from where I broke it previously. DC didn't care. They are all different. If your mistake as a teen was a violent felony that you were convicted of, that is hard to get past unless you get it expunged. If it was a property crime as a teen, they shouldn't hold it against you if you've been straight as an adult. Large city departments are your best bet. DC and Philadelphia are recruiting heavily right now.

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    I am retired Police Dispatcher II .

    Many officers I worked with were gang members and did many things in their younger years. It is common to have to apply more than once, but you can also move and a fresh start is often times the best thing in many cases not just for the job. Find an area you are interested in and contact that department and tell them you are interested in becoming an officer there. Some might even pay to move you. It happens in Dispatch. I relocated from the mid-west to southern USA for a position, phone contact and they said they wanted me. You never know go for it and NEVER give up on a dream!!!! Best of luck

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    Well don't try to get on up there. If you have truly turned your life around then relocate. Up north it is all who you know and who you blow...Every major city and some small towns above the mason dixon line won't hire top qualified candidates if they have friends or relatives on the list who are less than desirable. Down in the south it is all done by alcolades and experience. They don't care that you know the chief, what do you have that can be beneficial to thier department. It's good in the sense that they have great cops, but it hurts them in a way that they are thirsty for good recruits and no one is coming in cause basically everyone applying now are society f*ckups.

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    Try the deep south, qualification standards for cops in this region are notoriously low. It might also help if you started working on a solid beer belly and a stern scowl.

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    i am not a cop, but i would move out of the area. would you want to work with them?

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