Whats does the Jewish word 'museltof' mean?

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OK--first, what you're trying to spell is "mazal tov". The literal translation of this is "good constellation", as in "good star" or "good destiny". The word "mazal" derives from the Mishnaic Hebrew "mazzal" which meant "constellation" or "destiny" and hence may be loosely translated as "good fortune."

Note that although "mazal" means "luck" in **Modern Hebrew**, "good luck" is an ***incorrect*** translation of the true meaning of the phrase. This term is not used in the way that the expression "good luck" is used in English (typically as "I wish you good luck"). It is more often an acknowledgment that good fortune has already occurred; the sayer means, "I am pleased this good thing has happened to you."


I'm Jewish.
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  • no1home2day answered 6 years ago
    It's actually two separate words, "mazel tov", mazel meaning "success", and tov meaning "good", or "good luck" or "congratulations."
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  • mroof! answered 6 years ago
    Mazel Tov = Good fortune/success or congratulations
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  • Pazit. answered 6 years ago
    Mazel tov - congratulations.

    It's not Jewish, it's Hebrew, literal meaning is "good fortune"
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  • aaaaa answered 6 years ago
    tov not tof

    tov means good

    good luck

    laila tov/good night
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  • ARIZONA answered 6 years ago
    hehhehehhe... me thinks thou meant "mazeltov"..... which would mean 'congrats' or something like that....
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  • iameJPAJDL answered 6 years ago
    Means good luck congratulations & the correct word is mazel tov :-)

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  • LJ4Bama answered 6 years ago
    I don't know but Vince Vaughn uses it in Wedding Crashers.
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  • Free Thinker A.R.T. ††† answered 6 years ago
    Isn't that the thing rioters throw?
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