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Cool/unique baby shower gift ideas?

My friend is having a baby and does not know the sex. I do not want to get the boring necessities, but something cool instead. Please provide links to items I could purchase online that would be different/trendy for a little baby, or the mom.

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    The favorite gifts I received were a high chair / shopping cart cover and a placemat that has suction cups to stick to restruant tables.

    Other favorite gifts were portrait gift certificates with photo albums and photo frames.

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    I have a 3 year old and let me tell you...I wish someone would have given me a huge basket of all kinds of batteries. It seems like every toy takes a battery and it can be a really bad scene if your child's toy stops working and you don't have a battery. Everyone hates to spend money on give her a AA, AAA, C, and D batteries for the baby toys and then take a look at pampering products on Healthy options for mom, dad, and baby.

    Good luck and she is lucky - sounds like she has a very nice friend.

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    A Moby Wrap. It's not something I would have bought for myself, but when my sister (who's a doc) got it for me, I knew I had to learn how to use it. If the baby is born in the summer, it might be a little hot to use it, but it is the most comfortable of all wraps, easy to use and we (DD and I) love it. Especially when she was a newborn. Everyone also comments on how cool it looks.

    Or a swaddle blanket.

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    Get some certificates printed out that offer your services as a babysitter or housekeeper for a day.Trust me as a mother of three kids I would have killed for some free time.Also a new mom usually does not feel like doing housework.GODbless

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    i ALWAYS get something for the mom: the baby gets so much stuff, and the mom...well, it's hard to spend on yourself when you have a baby. i always get spa treatments -- gift certificates for mani, pedi, facial, massage -- varies depending on how much i am spending. i got my best friend a little something more: a tiffany elsa peretti bean necklace (to commemorate her little bean), and i have also bought MANY tiffany silver teething rings -- pricey, but an awesome keepsake for the parents, and, i might add, a perfect soother during teething: babies love that the silver stays cold. those are all my best ones -- things i always give and would LOVE to get.

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    I agree with the plaster kit for the babies hand and feet prints or molds.

    Or you can purchase a gift card for them to be able to get their first family photo done. with a frame to be able to put it in.

    I hope this helps some.

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    My absolute favorite gift was the family membership/pass to the local zoo. I can take the twins on nice days and get my excercise in.

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    Buy the Mom a lovely morning coat (it's like a short robe) that can be used while she's in the hospital, so she can look nice while receiving visitors!

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    A sling! Go to for great info and to check out retailers. THere are ring slings, pouch slings (very easy to use), Mei Tai's, wraps (a soft, knit wrap like is fabulour) and more expensive soft structured carriers like and

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    I gave a yellow blanket with Pooh on it I got some fleece fabric and made the blanket.

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