how far is Birmingham NEC from New Street Station?

Hi I am planning to visit Birmingham tomorrow from london. My coach will drop me at Birmingham NEC and I have to reach New Street Station. I don't know how far they are. I have to take a bus from there to reach to my destination which also will take almost 40 mins. Thanks.

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    By Rail - there are frequent train between Birmingham International Airport and Birmingham New Street, the ride is no more than 15 mins.

    The NEC and The NEC Arena are served by Birmingham International station, connected by a covered bridgelink. The NIA, The ICC and Symphony Hall are minutes from Birmingham New Street, the UK’s largest interchange station. London is only 90 minutes away and trains also run direct to many regional towns and cities.

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  • maren
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    3 years ago

    Birmingham New Street To Nec

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  • 1 decade ago

    get a train from nec to birmingham new street its a lot quicker

    if your coach stops at digbeth before nec i would get of there and walk 10 - 15 mins max

    Source(s): lived in brum 35 yrs got a coach last week last week from lake district to birmingham
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would expect that a coach from London would also drop you at New Street, but if you're sure it doesn't, it's one stop on the train (very frequent service, several an hour) and a 10 minute ride.

    Does this help, please?

    Alun Hill MCIJ, Travel Journalist

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