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Commuting with a mountain bicycle: what's faster, knobbies or slicks?

Having to use my Kona mountain bike for transportation for the next couple of months. It has knobbies on it right now, and I was wondering if slicks would make it faster than the knobbies.

I can't afford to just buy some more tires, as the budget is tight (college student). But if I had a good idea that slicks would make it faster, I would start saving my pennies for some.

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    Slicks are faster, what you might want to consider are some of the barely tread-ed racing knobbies, They roll almost as fast as a slick, but if you need go in the grass or dirt you wont loose traction like you would on a slick tire.

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    Find a Performance Bike shop around you and get their store brand slicks. They're on sale at the moment for $8/tire, ride well and last.

    Honestly, the biggest difference in switching to slicks is just getting rid of the tire hum that knobbies have. Makes the commute much better.

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    Slicks are faster because of a couple points. Not just because of the lack of tread, but also because of the profile of the tire.

    If you can't afford slicks, take your current tires up to the recommended maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire. There is one advantage to knobbies over slicks -- harder to pick up something tiny that flattens your tire.

    Pump up your tires in the mean time and save your pennies. When you buy slicks make sure you get Schwalbe Marathon. ALMOST flat proof.

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    I agree with the performance slicks. I have about 3k miles on mine right now and they're as good as new. They're still wide enough and sturdy enough that if I need to jump to the grass because some idiot decides I don't belogn on the road, I can do so without the risk of losing a tire.

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    hey, i use to use knobbies for transportation to......

    then i switched to slicks...

    slicks are much faster as there are less rolling resistance then knobbies....

    i use tioga city could check it out at its website or

    for the review......

    it cost me around $30 dollars for two.... i used my old mtb tube which fits....that saved my money as i am a student to... ym me..

    Source(s): bought it myself....
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    slicks should give you easily 10% more speed but it is easier to pedal

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