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hok wai asked in 文學及人文學詩詞 · 1 decade ago

請幫我將以下中文故事翻譯成英文 (15點)

希望你們可以幫一幫我,將以下中文翻譯成英文,但文法要正確ga wo











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    1 decade ago
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    You like being angry? In ancient Tibet, one calls to make love respectively Pakistan's person, each time is angry gets up with the human disputes, by the very quick speed runs back the family to go, runs 3 around own house and the land, then sits nearby the paddies gasps for breath. Likes Pakistan working the very industrious endeavor, his house is getting bigger and bigger, the land is also getting more and more broad, no matter but the room has in a big way, so long as argues the vitality with the human, he circles 3 around the house and the land, why will like Pakistan each time being angry circles 3 around the house and the land? All knew that he the person, the psychology begins to have suspicions is puzzled, no matter but how to ask him, likes Pakistan not being willing to explain, until one day, likes Pakistan being very old, his room already were also too general, he is angry, column 柺 stick difficult around land with house, waits for him to walk 3 with great difficulty, the sun descends the mountain.

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    Likes Pakistan alone sitting in the edge gasps for breath, his grandson pleads him in the side: “paternal grandfather, you the age was already big, this nearby regions' person nobody's land is also bigger than you, you could not in likely formerly, as soon as was angry runs around the land!

    2008-05-25 19:40:56 補充:

    Can you tell me this secret, as soon as why are you angry must run 3 around the land?” Likes the Palestinian being unable to bear grandson pleading, says finally hides in the heart many year secrets, he said:

    2008-05-25 19:41:11 補充:

    “when is young, I one and the human quarrel, the argument, the vitality, runs around the room 3, runs while thought that my house is such small, the land is such small, my where has the time, where has the qualifications to go to be angry with others,

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    as soon as thinks of here, is mad disappears, therefore uses for all time to work diligently.” The grandson asks: “paternal grandfather, your age is old, also turns the richest person, why can also run around the room?”

    2008-05-25 19:41:22 補充:

    Liked Pakistan smiling was saying: “I will now be angry, when vitality will walk 3 around the room, will walk while thought that my house will be such big, the land these many, I why haggled over with the human? As soon as thinks of this, was mad that has disappeared.”

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