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32G圆筒机, 28G圆筒机, 24G圆筒机,

罗纹机, 工人操作, 纱仓库,




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    Sales Overview

    The Company franchise fashion knitted fabrics, product marketing in China `` on the United States and Europe `` `Southeast Asia, South Korea around the world, is the major brand fabrics designated suppliers, in order to keep pace with world fashion trends, according to the annual fashion trends and customers Joint development of new products, the Company for the first aim is off, in order to meet the export demand around the stain is up to set up environmental protection and dyeing factories and warehouses, finished by the QC for 100 percent inspection, and a large quantity of cash available for guests to and from the Office Head Office with a view to the major customer satisfaction.

    Production Profile

    Since a weaving factory want to make product quality control, and the use of closed-end management, to make guests product confidential, will not be out of the market.

    32G cylinder machine, 28G cylinder machine, 24G cylinder machine,

    Rib machine, workers to operate, yarn warehouse,


    Weaving between categories:

    Between the various specifications and Lajia yarn-dyed yarn-dyed, and various types of printing by professional designers responsible for the design drawings, including the activity of printing, printing and drawing water slurry and other printed materials printed cloth, welcomed the guests to do pricing.

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