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Rotti Questions??? Help adopted 2 males today, puppies?

Yes, I did, today at the shelter, there was 4 pups brought in last week, 3 males and a female, one male and the female were adopted today.....

I could not leave the other 2 there...they are about 4 months old per the vet......they both go to my own vet tomorrow.

They can eat, like a puppy I have never seen....

Question is, What are you feeding your Rotti's and do they seem to thrive on it.

They are gonna be huge and are big boned, both of them, and are Black and Rust......

I also have not given names yet.....Help me okay...give me some ideas

1----What do you feed your Rotti, no raw diets please, I dont like them.

2---Names for big boys...

thanks in advance for all your help.......


Oh, and I won't feed store brands dog food, they are loaded with too much junk, hey I like Thunder for a name, cute

Update 2:

Yes, all of my other dogs are on Nutro Max

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    I don't have Rotties now, but when I did, I fed them NutroMax. That was about the best available back then.

    You are going to have your hands plum full with two new pups and that broken wrist!

    Bless your heart!

    Rottweilers are working dogs, so be sure to give them a job to do, so they don't create their

    They are so very lucky to have found you...and your over-sized heart..

    I like the names Thor and Thunder..kinda matching..and Thor was the thunder god in Mythology..

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    I love 'matching names! I have a Diesel and Jeep! LOL


    Thor and Loki

    Thunder and Lightning

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    Zeus & Titan

    Shameless & Macho

    Bubba & Punk

    Cruiser & Harley

    Thunder & Lightning

    Tiny & Midget

    Ask your Vet about advice on the food. They can sometimes grow too fast on regular puppy chow, which can cause hip & knee problems. Usually something formulated for large breed puppies.

    Best of luck. Nice of you to give them a good home!

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    your going to need to find out what food is in your area. you need something that has lots of meats and rice. Rotties are an active dog at a young age. So use something like puppie chow.

    And for a name I used to have a great Rott and his name was Casanova. Fit him quit well.

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    congratulations and welcome to rottie club~i am having female rottie of 1 year goldy~she is very intelligent and active.rottweilers need special care because these are one of the most dominent breed of dogs on earth having the worlds most powerfull bite force in pet dog catagory pitbull on second and gsd on third~well these dogs needs complete and calcium rich diet in their puppyhood essential for proper growth~i will suggest u dryfood i have given ma pup royal canine's puppy giant that worked like miracle she got perfect body due to that also u cant get all nutrients required in home made food also it is very critical to prepare them~~but yes u can mix dryfood with home made food it will bring good results~~diet should be given thrice a day for puppy and after 6 months twice~this is the link it can help u very much so read this~

    the name of u'r male rottweilers can be tyson and leo~~~

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    laurel and hardy, king and kong, bing and crosby, garth and brooks or some other star split the name.

    and they are going to eat like horses. they are growing big boys.

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    your brave geting 2 males you need watch out for any signs of dominance between the 2

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    I have a rott mix but I was recommended by a man who shows his Rotts at dog shows, the brand dog food, Natural Choice made by Nutro, the dry food. They don't have alot of the filler crap that alot of dry foods have. Also, they have lots of choices as your Rott moves through his stages in his life, from puppy food to more adult kinds of foods. My Rott mix LOVES the violet colored bag that has Venison in it. His fur is ALWAYS so shinny and soft!!! Also he gets complements all the time from my vet for his white teeth. I don't know if its from the food but I don't really do anything to help his teeth.

    2. Names for big boys,

    Bruno, Cooper, Mason, Beau, Bear, Hercules, Goliath.

    Have fun with them!!! They do make great pets and they are a very loving breed! In fact sometimes they are big babies and want to sit in your lap! Fine for now but wait when they weigh over 100 pounds. Thats more fun! =)

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    Why don't you like raw diets?

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