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is it possible to buy a road bike, fit it with mtb wheels and consider it a cyclocross bike?

or am i just really ignorant?

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    Hi there,

    I think all the above answers touch upon your question, but hopefully we can answer it completely. First, what's your goal in riding? Do ride mostly road? To ride 'cross? Mountain bike trails? Anyway...

    1) It is possible to buy a select few road bikes (700c wheels) and fit mtb wheels (26") on them. But you'd really need to get a road bike with disc brakes, and make sure the rear spacing is 135mm (mountain width), or choose the rare steel frame that has 132.5mm spacing to accomodate both road and mountain rear hub widths. Or, you'd build a rear mountain wheel with 130mm spacing, and that'd fit fine. Again, disc brakes would be necessary because rim brakes won't work due to the different rim diameters. The one exception is that there are a # of mountain bikes now that are 29ers, which means they use the same wheel diameter as road bikes. Those wheels would fit, depending on the rear hub spacing being compatible. But I really think you care more about tires, not wheels, and most road bikes and brakes will not accept wide, knobby tires.

    2) Will it be a 'cross bike? No. I'm guessing you really don't care about wheel size but you're thinking more about what you need to ride 'cross. 'Cross bikes have pretty narrow, knobby tires. Some road bikes even have enough clearance on the frame and by the brakes to run some of the narrower 'cross tires (kenda makes a tire called the kwick that is pretty narrow). in terms of geometry, the road bike would be closer to a 'cross bike than a mountain bike, and won't have the front (or rear) suspension that most mountain bikes come with

    3) if you just want to try 'cross, and own either a road or mountain bike, either can work, and both have advantages or disadvantages. there are narrow mtb tires (1.5" or less) out there that are great for 'cross. the biggest downside will be the extra weight of a mountain bike.

    4) if you're buying a new bike, just buy a 'cross bike! you can put slicks on it for road riding, knobbies for trail riding, and of course, be all set for 'cross. find one that offers a lot of clearance for wider tires if you want to use it as an mtb at times.

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    You won't be able to interchange wheels from a MTB, that is right. A cyclocross bike retains some road bike qualities that make it a bit faster and a better commuter than a MTB. A true cyclocross bike will have gearing and wheel sizes of a road bike. The tire size will be in between that of a road and a MTB. If your intended use is off road, by all means get a good MTB. If you go off road only sometimes, and need one good bike for commuting and general trail riding, try a cyclocross. They are efficient movers, you'll like it.

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    Firstly a road bike has only a fine gap between the forks, brakes and wheels so you are not going to fit mtb wheels into the forks. Secondly attempting to fit mtb forks onto a road bike normally doesn't work as of the different connection methods. A road bike is supposed to be light while the mtb will be more durable making the parts different. If the parts do somehow become connected durability is low and the bike is made unsafe.

    I would recommend getting a light weight weight mountain bike frame for example a felt bike or giant make some lightweight ones which are still classified as mtb frames. You can either then put normal mtb wheels on or some cyclocross wheels. This is easier, safer and probably less costly than other methods.

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    youre tires wont probably fit....

    i would suggest getting a real cyclocross bike or a hybrid...

    and the i dont think youre road bike will handle the stress of cyclocross that well

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    yeh, as everyone said just get a mtb.. saves you the time and most probably the money as well... it would definately be the safest choice and just the thought of takin a road bike over a jump just makes me cringe. and if you do take the risk it would probably be the only on ein the world, you know why, coz its stupid!!!! just buy a normal giant and the would do a really good job!! if you want to you could add a speedo metre to make u feel like youre riding a rode bike.. or just wear lycra.. it works trust me.. good luck

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    If the tires fit in your frame then yeah, that'd work for you. The bigger problem is that the clearances on the fork and rear dropouts are generally tighter on road bikes preventing you from using thick knobby mountain tires. Also, many road frames aren't designed for the kinds of stresses for cyclocross riding, so you might risk prematurely breaking the frame. Other than that, go right ahead.

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    road bikes use 27" wheels, mtb wheels are 26" so for one thing the brakes wont work

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    it's probably not worth it although it is possible

    you'd need ne mountain bike forks

    also the frame would be a bit light and

    crack if your stressing it

    good lucckkkk

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    If you were to do that u'd need to buy mtb forks and if you're going to buy a fork and wheelsets your should just buy a MTB.

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    why not....., just open a new workshop and get it. remember, take into account before removing it.

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