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Computer Runs Slow?

My question is that my computer runs slow and I have read and tried to download free registry cleaners only to be required to purchase which I don't have the money for, is there any free registry cleaners that are great to assist me. My computer is an 80gb with 256mb..

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    Cleaning the registry doesnt really help speed up the computer.

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    Assuming that 256 mb is your RAM - that could very well be your problem. Today's software is large and most use a lot of memory.

    There are other factors that affect speed: your connection -- dialup is notorously slow; if you use wallpaper and screensavers - they run continuously in the backgound and use memory.

    I strongly suggest you get at least another 256mb for a total of 512mb RAM. Then, do some housecleaning which won't cost you a dime:

    1. Set wallpaper and screensavers to blank or none — they run continuously in the background and use memory.

    -----right-click on the desktop, select Properties

    -----click the screensaver tab, on the left where it says "screensaver," select none.

    -----click the desktop tab, for background, select none

    2. Review your start menu – remove anything you don’t need on a daily basis — load games, etc. on an as-needed basis.

    -----click Start, Settings, Taskbar and Start Menu

    -----click the Start Menu tab

    -----select a program you do not want to load at Startup, then click remove.

    -----Caution -- do not touch anything you are not sure of or you will mess up your computer royally.

    3. From Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options: delete cookies, delete files (offline), and clear history. (You can also set days to store history to 0.)

    ----- These actions will clear your computer’s cache. ( )

    4. Run Disk Cleanup, Scandisk, Defrag at least every two weeks (the more frequently they are run, the less time they take). These can be found in Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools.

    5. Periodically, click Start, Programs, Run — then type ipconfig renew

    (that’s ipconfig space renew).

    6. Optional: Speed vs Goodies — in the Control Panel, System, Advanced, Performance, Settings — you can have visual effects or let Windows select the best options. I am using “Best Performance.” Your choice.

    7. If you are on a network, you can save a little time by telling Windows to stop looking all over the network for a file. In the Control Panel, open My Computer / right-click on C: / click Tools / Folder Options / Folder Options / on the View tab, clear the box before “automatically search network …”

    These things should increase speed and free up memory as much as possible.

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    Your RAM is too small.

    You can Increase virtual memory without paying money.

    1. right click on My Computer.

    2. click Advanced

    3. in Performance, Click Settings.

    4. Click Advanced.

    5. In virtual Memory, click change.

    6. change a bigger amount.

    For running slow there are many causes:

    Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!





    Below can help you speed up your pc:

    From IE, click Tools, Internet Options delete cookies delete files (offline files) clear history (set days to save to 0 if you want) click o.k., and Restart


    1. Right click of C Disk.

    2. Click properties.

    3. Click tools tab.

    4. Click "Defragment now".

    5. Click Defragment.

    You can search which process full use you cpu, and end the process.

    Under steps:

    1. right click on the TaskBar.

    2. click the Task Manager.

    3. click the processes tab.

    4. double click the CPU.

    5. find if the "System Idle Process" is max.

    6. if not right click and click end process.

    Use the tool:

    Learn more information "why is my computer running so slow":

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    Why not give PC Booster 2008 a try to boost your PC performance in 2 minutes. i have used for 3 years and it works great! It has the latest registry cleaner technology to clean up all your registry problems too. Recommeded by CNET and PCMag.

    or you can also download PC Booster 2008 for free here

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    I am NOT a computer expert.

    I have also run into tons of "free programs" that tell you have a problem, and want money to fix it.

    I have found a program that actually does what it saws it does.

    Now, using it will speed up your computer, but you will have to click arond and find out how to activate the registry cleaner.

    It is called Ccleaner, and it works great, is completely free.

    I have listed the link to a free download in the "kow your source" section because if yo google it, a few of those programs will come up that aren't free.

    I will also post the link here:

    Good luck, it worked for me!

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    Classic windows problem!!!

    Try some of these ideas..

    1) Open a notepad and type the following into it.

    "mystring=80000000" without the quotes and save it as ram.vbe in you desktop. Close the notepad and run the new vbe file. It will kinda help.

    2) Delete some of your shortcuts from your desktop because they are only making your computer slow. You may not know this, but each shortcut takes 500 bits of Memory.

    3) Move some of your fonts from "Start>Control Panel> Fonts" into your backup folder. Because it slows your startup.

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    Yes there are some free registry cleaners.

    CCleaner is the best one I know of -

    Not all free registry cleaners are good though, that's why they are free.

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    Check the startup programs by going to start, run and type in "msconfig" and press ok. Be sure to research the stuff before removing so you don't mess up your computer.

    Run the disk cleanup and defrag utilities.

    Go to and download spybot to check for any spyware.

    Look in Add/Remove programs and remove any suspect programs (I.E. toolbars, smiley central, cursors). Upgrade memory if possible.

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    Your computer must be old. To fix the slowness, you will need more ram. 256mbs is nothing nowadays.

    A brand new computer usually has about 3 gigs of ram and 400 gbs of hard drive.

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    Try de-fragmenting the hard drive that arranges files in sequential manner; try running disk clean up wizard regularly. Hope you have created multiple partitions i.e. c:, d:, e: etc; if not, please make sure there are sufficient drives and you have kept folders on each one so that no one drive is overloaded.

    256 MB RAM for today's applications is quite low. Try increasing it to at least 512 MB....if you are using regular applications. If you are using machine for high end graphics i.e. games or big applications requiring sufficient memory, you need to increase memory to at least 1 GB.

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