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Okay,I am traveling to Disney land with my nephew ,3nieces,brother-in-law and sister next Saturday and we are staying for 8 days,what rides are really really good and how much will each meal cost.

Plus I would like to know which shows are the best and if anyone could tell me about their stay at Disneyland if they have ever been before and if it was a good or bad one.You know,like the pros and cons..


I will be turning 17 while we stay at Disneyland!

Update 2:

Oh,my nieces are 17 ,15 and 4 by the way,and my nephew is 10

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    how old are these kiddies of yours? if they are under ten years old go directly to fantasyland. the classic rides are all still there. i.e. peter pan, mr.toad's wild ride, snow white, and pinochio. don't bother with the storybook land ride, it's just a bunch of miniatures. if you like miniatures, go. then the carousel, walt disney himself wanted a carosel in his park and designed it after the one in griffith park. then hit dumbo, the teacups and the alice's adveture's in wonderland. those are all very good rides for all ages and are soooo awesome!!! the teacups are personally my favorite. now, small world is good if it's open. whenever i go it's only open during the holiday season. maybe i just go on the wrong days. most of these rides are the movies put into ride form and feature many highlights from them.

    if they are a little older (above ten years old) they will enjoy space mountain (assuming you like to be blasted with loud music as you ride a rollercoaster) but i get motion sickness on that ride so that's my own bias. also the matterhorn is good. then autotopia. and indiana jones. and thunder mountain. if you want to cool off go on splash mountain. if you don't want to get wet, bring your own waterproof ponchos. the prices can get ridiculous and it's way cheaper to go to a discount store and bring them in. all of these are mild roller coasters.

    universal rides (all ages) are pirates of the carribean, the haunted mansion, roger rabbit, and the new nemo submarine ride. whatch out though, the line for the nemo ride can be up to almost an hour long around or on the weekends. to wind down you can always ride the train a couple of times around the park. it's good to take a load off your feet coz you will be walking alot!

    i have always wanted to go on the mark twain boat but have always forgotten to go before it gets dark. and if you want a show look into seeing fantasma. but get to the french quarter quick, you have to reserve a good spot FAST!!!!

    as for food it's best to eat before you get into the park. eat a dennys because they have the build your own grand slam for 5.99. and make sure your beverages have free refills if you really want to cut back on costs. for lunch the best thing to do is just walk outside the park and eat but if you dont want to the burgers are pretty good and they don't totally skimp out there. i usually just get a pretzel for lunch anyways and for dinner don't bother eating there. go outside the park! the theme park food is almost like jail food except you get charged 4 times the amount. but you can always bring in your own bottled water. THEY DO NOT CONFISCATE IT AT THE GATE!!! just bring a knapsack of some sort and tote it along with you.

    i always try to have a good time but lines can be awful! i get a little bored so i try to ring some kind of entertainment like my ipod. for kids you can probably have those magnetic game sets like checkers or let them bring their gadgets. just bring a sandwhich baggie for the electronics so they don't get wet on the wetter rides. and ALWAYS stay away from the canoes. i always end up behind some idiot who thinks it's funny to splash the person behind you with their paddle. so unless you think it's funny to get soaked then go on at your own risk. i do not reccomend it to you.

    AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE MICKEY MOUSE: go to toon town and go into his house. you can see him at the end of a very long line but if you never have been and you have three days then it won't bee so bad.

    just remember, you have all the time int he world so don't get angry at the long lines. it's a fact of life there so go with the flow and you will enjoy yourself alot more than planning out each and every day.

    Source(s): i went there yesterday and have been going there on a regular basis because my boyfreind's brother works there and can get us in for ~free~ so i know my rides. i might have forgotten a few but it's so much fun to explore the park and really see what's out there!!!
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    Wow! 8 days at the Disneyland Resort.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Disneyland, but 8 days is about twice as long as you will really want to go. Not to deter you, but you might want to consider other things in the LA to do as well.

    That said, my best suggestion is for you is to take your time! You have all the time in the world with 8 days. Slow down, look at all of the details, ride EVERY ride, shop, eat (you can even make reservations), sit, people watch, engage the cast members (they're usually more than willing to chat - if they like you, you may end up with some little perk -- a special pin, or insider information), take a tour.

    Don't forget that there are 3 Hotels, and Downtown Disney to look at.

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    I live about 15 miles from Disneyland and can see and hear their fireworks at 9:30 every night from my living room.

    I don't particularly like California Adventure. All the rides in the original park are good. My favorite is still Pirates of the Carribbean. You can check their website for what rides might be closed for maintenance while you are there and to find out show/parade times. Food within the park can be expensive and tends to be burgers and hot dog type places. There are some very good restaurants at Downtown Disney,

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    Lots of things should be determined on age: if your 3 nieces are young your going to want to do some of the eaisier things... there's a Finding Nemo ride that I remember going on...

    The Space Mountain coaster is better in California than Florida, but its still okay.

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