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Hey can someone tell me how the motorcycle influence or change/help life in 1885 when it was invented and how it affects life today? THANKS!

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    Actually the oldest motorcycle of record dates from 1868 in France. It was a steam powered two wheeler and was part of the Guggenheim Museum exhibition called "The Art of the Motorcycle". The Michaux-Perreaux took a small commercial steam engine and attached it to the bicycle

    Gottlieb Daimler, the German engineer who earned the nickname "Father of the Motorcycle," was actually using his 1885 wooden "boneshaker" to test a gasoline engine intended for a four-wheeled carriage.

    It wasn't until the 1890's that motorcycles began to be produced for wider audience than just the builder. Hence the benefits and changes attributable to motorcycles did not really start taking place till then.

    Motorcycles were sold as a less expensive alternative to automobiles. The relative difference in price made bikes an attractive choice until mass production made autos less expensive than bikes, in some cases (thank you Henry Ford and others).

    At that point bikes became a luxury, sport or recreational vehicle. In most western countries they still remain that way. However if you go to Asia, small bikes are a way of life for personal transportation. Also some European countries used small bikes and scooters extensively after WW2 because cars were un-available, or un-affordable.

    Today in industrialized countries bikes still play second fiddle to cars as the choice of transportation for most people. The rising cost of fuel we are now experiencing is pushing a resurgence of interest in bikes similar to what happened during the fuel crisis of the 1970's.

    I think I can safely say though, that most people that either post, or read, this section of YA are motorcycle enthusiasts, whether their interests are recreational, social or professional.

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