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seriously i had it then my daughter cliked out of it?

can anyone help me find a honest money maker online for some fast money please no B.S. ? thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I earn my money with, but with a twist that makes it hands free, no work involved at at all. is a ptc (get paid to click) site. When you sign up you can access a list of ads that change daily. pays you $0.01 per click. But this is annoying and takes time, so an autoclicker has been made to make this process completely effortless. Simply sign-up to here (as my refferal of course, it does not affect you your earnings):

    Once you've signed up, they'll give you $0.09.

    After that, just download the autoclicker here: Then start the clicker and the rest should be self explanatory. Just leave the clicker on and it will click for eternity. The best part is that you get 100% referral commission. (You make whatever your referrals make). So get out there are refer people! Send them the clicker link!

    I also have another opportunity to earn some easy money doing what you already do. Follow this link and you will be paid for using a search engine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can make $$ online just by clicking on ads. Go to:

    There are no fees.

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