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Piano Notes Help???

I'm a beginner @ playing piano and I can read Notes in the book but I dont know which bar on the piano is what notes.

For Example the first white bar on the piano is which note? A? B? C?

Please give em websites listing all the notes. Thanks SO much!

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    Just seeing the notes labled on a bar is the hardest way to learn them. You should probably use flashcards that have a picture of single notes on the grand staff to start.

    When you're reading music, just remember that middle C is the note on the first ledger line below the staff in the treble cleff, or the first line above it in the bass cleff. (

    Another helpful thing to do is to use Mnemonics. These are acronym-esque combinations of letters that help reinforce the order that notes go in, and their positions on the staff. For example, to remember the notes that go on the lines on the treble staff (from the bottom, up), you remember a phrase like 'Even George Bush Drives Fast' or 'Every Good Boy Deserves Fugde'. The first letters of each word correspond to the notes on the lines (EGBDF). For the spaces in the treble cleff, most people use a real acronym instead of a mneomic, because the notes spell the word 'FACE nicely. The lines in the bass cleff are something like 'Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes' or 'Grannie Boogies Down Fifth Avenue'; spaces in the bass cleff are 'All Cars Eat Gas' or 'All Cats East Goldfish'. These REALLY help a student who needs to make the connection between notes on a page, letter names, and keys on the keyboard. You should only have to use them for a year (at the very most) before you find that it's become a natural thing.

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    You can go through this link for help on understanding the piano notes

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