Does toning, refining and moisturizing skin cause much improvement?

My skin has acne scarring and some blackheads on my nose and redness.. In the past I've never used products because I didn't want to flare up my acne but now it is gone and I'm left with blotchy icky skin. So do products really work? I know they aren't miracle workers but do they cause visible improvement?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    OMG, it helps SO much, you Will l notice a difference the same day you do it. Get a good toner, Neutrogena is great, and affordable too. Then use the moisturizer, I use Neutregena, and I have some Oil of Olay, which is great. Oil of Olay warming purifying cleanser is the best ever, you can feel it working and it is so refreshing after wards!

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