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I REALLY REALLY REALLY need help, please help me...does anyone know how to take youtube videos...?

I need to take a youtube/other website video and put it on a keynote presentation for tomorrow. Could someone please walk me through it step-by-step?


I'm on a Mac, sorry I guess I should've said...

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    U can try E.M. Youtube video download tool.

    It work very well and easy to use.

    It can download video from youtube or any websites automatically, when u play a video for a while.

    then convert the video to any audio include MP3, wma,wav,ac3,mmf,amr,ogg,aac..., to any video formats include 3gp,avi,wmv, mpg,mpg4,asf,swf,h264,mov,jpg, that can be support by PSP,iPod,iPhone,Apple TV video,iTune,MP3,MP4,Zune,Cellphone,Digital camera,DV,CD/DVD/VCD/SVCD.

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    Just follow these steps, and you'll be able to show all your good videos on powerpoint presentation:

    1- download the youtube video with "zillatube". Get the program from This program helps to download and convert those videos the fastest way possible for your powerpoint. Other methods are slow.

    2- using zillatube, convert it into mpg video format.

    3- final step, a simple step, just insert movie file(using the file menu above the powerpoint program) the mpg video into power point.

    Just 3 simple steps, and you can present your powerpoint with videos without online at all.

    (Note: make sure the mpg video is placed in the same folder with your powerpoint file, then you can bring the folder to any computer and view it)

    all the best to your presentation.


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    Step#1:make an account

    Step#2:make a vidio on a camera or vidio camera

    Step#3:plug it into computer and down load it

    Step#4:upload vidio to u tube

    hope i helped:)

    P.S. please pick as best answer!!!!!!! :)

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