what is the definition of 'Jedi'?

Every definition possible please?

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    Jedi's are the good guys who use the Force, and the Sith are the bad dudes. Once you go dark, you're Sith.

    Jedi's are knights from the fictional Star Wars mythos. They're loosely based on Japanese samurai, Catholic Jesuits, Templars, and other characters from the "warrior monk" tradition. They use the Force (a mystical or magical property of the universe) and have special combat training. They don't rule the galaxy and they don't seek power, but they support the government of the Galactic Republic to promote order, harmony, prosperity, etc. They have a ruling council of their own, and there is a teacher-apprentice system of initiating new Jedi Knights. They are sanctified and observe strict rules of discipline and purity. They're very noble and kind. They meditate. They train a lot. They wear robes. They're good at making wisecracks. Their primary weapon is the lightsaber, which is "an elegant weapon from a more civilized time." (It's basically a futuristic samurai sword.)

    The Sith are those who use the dark side of the Force, and they seek to take over the galaxy. Vader, Maul, Sidious -- they're all Sith apprentices or Sith Lords, though I don't know exactly how that shakes out. A Jedi (like Dooku or Vader) can become a Sith by turning to the dark side. The Sith overthrew the democratic and free Republic and established the evil, nasty, and repressive Empire. Vader was in charge of the Empire until he got his *ss whipped and then he sort of had a change of heart.

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    Jedi''s are a group of followers who follows Jediism. We believe in the Force which is all around us and in us.


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    I think Vader is technically a Sith. Jedi are like the knights of the Star Wars world. They have the magic powers and go around acting as warriors, diplomats, messengers, negotiators, whatever. Sith are like Jedi in ability, but use their powers selfishly instead of for the good of others.

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    Jedi is a monastic heroic swordsman who has superpowers like enhanced jumping, mind controlling, and telekinesis which they're called a Force. they wield a technological laser bladed sword called the Lightsaber.

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    One who uses the force. Does it have to be good though? Isn't Darth Vadar still considered a Jedi? Don't you have to be approved by the council of jedis? "You think this is the best answer. You don't want any trouble with me, your just doing your job". Darn, it didn't work.

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    Star Wars Warrior with good principles

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