Colleges with good astronomy programs?

I really want to go to school for astronomy when I go to college, but I dont know which colleges to apply for. Which colleges have the best reputations for astronomy teaching, and could you give me a link to their sites? Please and thanks!

P.S. I'll take any suggestions, but a campus preferrably in or around Pennsylvania would be great.

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    Here's the thing about astronomy. There's really not much you can do without a PhD. It's a great field, really interesting, nice people, but there really aren't any jobs if you don't have a PhD. With a PhD, you can work at a college or university, teaching and/or doing research, or for NASA or a national lab. Without one, you can teach high school (community college with a masters) or work on someone's research program if you get lucky, or at a museum.

    And if you're planning to get a PhD in astronomy, you need to major in physics. Classes in astronomy, math, and computer science are useful, but physics is absolutely essential to get into a graduate program in astronomy or astrophysics.

    That said, the nearest good school to you for physics and astronomy is Penn State. Other great colleges are Harvard, Princeton, Yale, CalTech, MIT, Columbia, Cornell, Berkeley, UT Austin, U Washington, U Chicago, U Arizona, U Virginia, and Ohio State. Just a few of the top schools. But you can study physics pretty much anywhere, so find someplace you like and get started.

    Source(s): finishing a PhD in physics / astrophysics
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