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Which is more powerful: Tek-9 or Mac-10?


zebj25? I'm talking about how much damage being done at a target.

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    Mac 10 uses .45 ACP while the TEC-DE9 uses a smaller caliber (9mm, or .35 caliber). Mac 10 is much more powerful, but not accurate. The TEC-DE9 is not accurate, but has less recoil, making it a compact and ideal weapon for gangsters. Mac 10 are used in counter-terrorist missions.

    The Mac 10 is more powerful with much recoil but TEC-DE9 is less powerful with less recoil.

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  • zebj25
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    It depends on what you're definition of more powerful is. A mac 10 is a 45 cal. while a tek 9 is a 9 mm. Mac 10 is going to fire a heavier, but slower round and it has alot of knockdown power, but the 9mm is going to be a supersonic round thats a little smaller. Tek-9 is going to be lighter and easier to handle and a mac 10 is a little more heavy and cumbersome. Both are good weapons in their own rights, but its almost like comparing apples to oranges, ok, more like red delicious apples to granny smiths, they're both guns but different.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mac-10 is more powerful, but eh Tek - 9 have more stability since it's controlled by an automatic chamber.

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