Doing baseboards in my home. Nail gun or brad nail gun?

I'm doing baseboards in my home and then want to eventually move to crown molding.

I believe I will need a nail gun however, what is the difference with a nail and a brad gun? My air compressor came with a nail gun but it only uses small nails (up to 1") or staples.

Also, what is a fair price I really don't need an expensive one just for around the house. As long as it does the job.

Thanks much!!

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    if your going to do baseboards then move to crown moulding it would be best to use a brad gun for crown moulding and you can use brads for baseboard too if you have a gun that takes at least 2 inch nails then you can use one gun for both jobs

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    Brad nails are small, short, mostly headless nails. This is not good for baseboard, molding, jams, crown and anything that has a thickness of 1/2" or more. The reason is you have to go through that material plus the drywall then into the studs by about 1 in. Therefore you need a finish nailer that can shoot upwards of 2 1/2". Two inch finish nails have a small head and will give the penetration that is required to hold the moldings on. I did tall baseboards, door jams, and molding around every door and window, with 2 inch nails in my house. I used 2 1/2" nails in the crown. The blunt end of these nails will prevent splitting of the molding. Does not seem like it but its true. You might get a finish nailer for $150. I use a brad nailer mostly for small moldings on furniture pieces I make.

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    Nail Gun For Baseboards At


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    I suggest using a 15 or 16 gauge finish nailer. Brad nailers generally use 18 gauge. The former will be stronger. If your baseboard is 5/8" and your drywall is 5/8" you will need something longer than 1" (duh!)

    If it's a one-time deal, you can get really inexpensive ones at Harbor Freight. They will probably not hold up to daily use, but it you have one job then will throw it in a box for 5 years, it may be cost effective and as cheap as renting one.

    But unless you have a lot of baseboards to do, just get some 8d or 6d finish nails and go to work with a hammer. Believe it or not, it was done for generations this way.

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    I hope I can clear this up for you. Brads are small (half-inch to two-inch long), thin finishing nails, usually with only half-heads that embed into the material; some brads are even headless, working more like tiny, straight staples.

    Most nail guns can be loaded up with brads, and it sounds like your air compressor's nail gun is capable of accommodating various sizes of nails, including brads.

    If, however, you require a nailer than can house larger nails (assuming your model only holds brad-sized nails) and you decide to buy a new nailer, and you're only using it for around-the-house fix-ups, you don't need to spend more than, say, $150.

    When air nail guns first came on the market, the price and variance in quality was great; nowadays, most brand-name models are basically equal in quality and price when it comes to basic usage, the type you're talking about.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Jay Somerset

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I am a finish Carpenter of 15 years and I purchased the 16 gauge nailer 3 years ago, and have loved it ever since. It has worked with no troubles, with thousands of nails through it. I purchased the 18 gauge and have experienced the same Awesomeness. What I love more about this gun - 18 gauge it is so lightweight! I trimmed out 12 doors on 1 battery charge too, equivalent to 1000 nails! I love this because most the time I dont have electricity on the Job site, and these tools save me from running my Generator and compressor all day! THANK YOU DEWALT! Now just come out with an 18 volt MITER SAW!

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    I would use a finishing nail gun. The head of the brad is a bit bigger. Using regular nails may not be easily hidden. After nailing, set the nails and cover with putty for a smooth finish.

    Usually Home Depot or Lowe's has the nail guns and compressor seta on sale.

  • Anonymous
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    You sure you cant use a 1 and1/2" nail in it . A brad nailer or a brad gun are the same thing. I just never seen one that would only do a 1" brad. you need just a little longer.

  • if you would like to burst a pipe hidden in the walls and or split the base go right on ahead and use a nail gun

    are you nuts don't :}

    use a brad nailer

    ps i am a lic painting contractor

    after you do the base board thing use some caulking to fill THE GAPS from the wall to the base and use a little on the corners just alittle

    good luck

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    i did finish carpentry for a while, use a nail gun, but get one that uses 2-3" nails, depending on how thick your lumber is.

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