How many elementary particles in the universe?

I'm looking for an estimate of the total number of Standard Model elementary particles in the universe, along with references. I'm not asking for the number of types (less than 100), but the actual number of particles (crazy huge). Please note that protons and neutrons are not elementary particles.

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    Well neither of the above answers actually answered your question, so I'll give it a shot. The problem is that we don't know how big the universe really is, it is quite possible that the universe is infinite (in which case the answers becomes quite easy, because it is just infinity). I will assume that the question being asked is "how many elementary particles are there in the VISIBLE universe?"

    It turns out that protons and neutrons (and the quarks that make them up) don't really matter, because the number will be dominated by the universe's photons and neutrinos. Most of the universe is 'empty space' that is actually filled with photons and neutrinos, remnants from the Big Bang itself. There are about 100 neutrinos and 400 photons per cubic centimeter, with those values varying slightly depending on who you ask. In comparison there is about one proton per cubic meter, so you can see that this doesn't really change our answer at all.

    Our observable universe is approximately 30 Gigaparsecs across (or 95 billion light years). Using the equation for the volume of a sphere we can convert this into cubic centimeters, and get ~5x10^86 cc. Multiplying by the 500 particles per cc we found above (100 neutrinos and 400 photons) we finally get:

    2.5 x 10^89 elementary particles in the visible universe

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    Particles In The Universe

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    An elementary particle has no customary aspects or inner shape. So specific, it extremely is extremely uncomplicated to instruct that the customary universe isn't an elementary particle. perceive 2 distinctive products.

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    it used to be 3- electrons protons and neutrons

    now there are 12 known elementary particles which are either classified as bosons or fermions

    and for every particle there exists an antiparticle

    but there could possibly be smaller particles that these are made of.... so it just may be that there is no completely elementary particle

    and did u know that recently scientists discovered that outer space really is not space but is a bosonic web which spans infinitely across the universe

    and of course a majority of the universe's matter has not yet been accounted for, such as dark matter.

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    How many elementary particles in the universe?

    The answer is .

    There are 266 elementary particles in the universe .


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      Modern science is up to 242 at the moment.
      The Dogon say 266 which is consistent with a harmonicly vibrating universe. (Which modern science now confirms)

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    it's 4% of the entire universe. the other 96% is dark not so sure about exact numbers though :o

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