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Could someone please tell me what these few lines mean i modern english? HISTORY!! :)?

hey guys

I'm doing a practice sourcework paper, but don't know what this means:

Liberty is generally born in stormy weather, growing with difficulty among civil discord, and only when it is old does one see the blessings it has brought.

Please help!! :)!!

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    More or less it is saying that "liberty" or freedom comes from tough times (stormy weather) it gets stronger with war or comunal discontent (civil discord) and only when all is said and done or in time (when it is old) can we see see the good that has come of all of the struggle. This can be applied to daily life as well as history. I hope this helps.

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    You can only get freedom from war and fighting (stormy weather), and the worse the fighting gets, the more liberty (or freedom) the people want. It takes people a while to understand how great it is to have liberty.

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    Liberty comesat a great price and ma be a very hard feat to achieve, and there will be man things to sacrifice for it. However, when it is looked back upon after achieevd, it wuill shine in glory as it was bought with sacrifces, so its value is high......

    Thik ofthe U.S and its quest for liberty in a 1700s (Revolutionar War, if you are American or whatever.....)

  • Liberty is created during conflict, (part i haven't figured out yet), and when people look back after time, they'll realize how lucky they are to have the liberty

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