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"The color purple" by Alice Walker : Censorship?

I need links to websites that visite the topic of "banned books." Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" has been banned in many libraries (public and school) because of its refrence to incest, rape, and lesbianism. I am doing a paper on why it should not be banned, so reviews of the book on this topic would be appriciated.


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    If you put the title of the book The Color Purple, then hit your 'end' key on the computer and scroll to "Citations," I suggest you click on the first link there, to go to the ALA page.

    *American Library Associaton*

    Once you're on that page, put the title again into the search box up in the top right corner. Then look along the left for "Office for Intellectual Freedom" and click on that. Their motto is: "Free People Read Freely." You'll find information here, though you have to dig a bit to get the most you can.

    *Suggest you make notes of all the links in small green letters under the tantalizing hints of reviews of The Color Purple on pros and cons... make notes in case you can't reach what you need by the large blue link that headlines a paragraph.*

    At Amazon, everybody writes reviews of popular books like this one. Put the title in the search box, being sure you're in the Books category, and click on the book to separate it from others.

    Scroll slowly down past all publication information to the reviews. There will probably be some by editors and by teachers as well as readers, so skim through as many as you can. I'll take a look now, too.

    It will be slow work to find reviews by anyone not using a 'site' name, (I couldn't), but even the many reviews available have some good quotes in them, and you can source them to Amazon and to that user name...

    ADD: the first two links below take you to the same places I have listed... the second two look really good though. Give it up to her--

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    it should not be banned because the above actually happen to a lot of people in real life. This book show characters that were able to overcome HUGE obstacles. It is inspirational and has helped a great many people overcome tradgedies in their own lives. Not to mention that it is brilliant and a great story. I can't help you with the links. sorry.

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    i think it should be banned when it done in a manner that is gratuitus and only serves as a cheap tool to pedal poorly written literature.

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