i pushed my lacrimal duct in a circular motion. is there a tiny chance of breaking something?

im a 14 year old asian girl (diff. bodies have diff. body systems). i pushed my lacrimal duct 3 time in a circular motion with my thumbs pushing it and my other fingers on my forehead. please someone tell me if there's a chance of a bone being kind of injured. i checked about the lacrimal bone but people told me the lacrimal bone wouldn't be injured. the bones usually wouldn't be injured. my eye bones fine and not injured. can anyone tell me what happened to my eye when i pushed the lacrimal duct? my eye kinda got smaller than before.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    How hard did you 'push' into your face? How small did your eye get? Is there any swelling, bruising, disfiguration, or pain? If not, it is more likely that you do not have a fracture. About the lacrimal duct, unless it is inflammed (red/painful/swollen) or have blood or pus coming out from it, usually don't have to worry about it.

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