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Neil asked in News & EventsOther - News & Events · 1 decade ago

Are the idiots at Ford motor company finally waking up?

Someone at Ford Motor Company finally watched the news and realized that gasoilne was going up! And the news has not gotten to GM and Chrysler? Why are these executives who get so much money so stupid!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It's so difficult to change the direction of a large corporation. Retooling is difficult and expensive.

    But you are right if these trans-national corporations had started building GEM FFV (Gasoline Ethanol Methanol - Flex Fuel Vehicles) vehicles years ago they wouldn't be looking down the barrel of the mandate for worldwide production of GEM FFV vehicles to counter the assault on western countries by Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Neither the trans-nationals or the Saudis have any allegience to any country especially western countries. What they can't do by knocking down buildings with planes can be done with price fixing on oil stocks, that is the bankruptcy of western civilization.

    Is Saudi Arabia being honest with the world when it says that there is no oil production shortage?

    Saudi Arabia, where it costs $.50 (fifty cents) to produce a barrel of oil, and which is the home of the 9/11 terrorists that attacked the United States, dominates OPEC and OPEC pricing arrangements.

    World Population increases by 2.5 Billion over 33 years and OPEC oil production stays the same.

    While FORD has it head i the sand do you see a problem here?

    1973 Total OPEC Oil production 30.63 Mbbls per day

    2006 Total OPEC Oil Production 30.66 Mbbls per day

    Table 11.5 World Crude Oil Production, 1960-2006 (Million Barrels per Day),

    1973 Total World Population 4.108 Billion (May 22, 1973)

    2006 Total World Population 6.618 Billion (May 22, 2008)

    World POPClock, U. S. Bureau of Census,

    So you're right...FORD had it's perverbial head in the sand.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They could of been giving us a car for the past 10 years now they say it will take 3 years from now and still want a handout from the government.I don't think so.They aren't stupid they are making money,We are the ones who are stupid.We keep buying them.What do you think might happen if NO ONE bought a NEW car until they gives us lots better gas mileage and affordability?Now that would get their attention!That is the place to start.Everyone says we drive the big heavy cars because they make them well...if thats true then lets hit them in the pocket what do you want to bet it will only take one year before you see a new model.Car companies have gotten away with it long enough.This is something Every American can do.You don't have to feel helpless.After all 3 years is a long time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It makes you wonder about conservatives' sweet and abiding faith that the forces of the free market are enough to keep companies from ruin.

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  • candle
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    1 decade ago

    Hopefully. I read about their new direction this morning.

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