Unfair to David A.?

okay i am a little david fan but i thought it was unfair durring the finale when david cook got to sing with zz top and david a only got to sing with one republic. because i personally hate that song apologize and one republic has only had that one hit and theve only been around a little while. where as cook got to sing with zz top and they are really famous. i know it doesnt matter since everyone had already voted but it seemed like alot of stuff happened where american idol was favoring cook. like i heard that david a was supposed to sing last one week and have this certain song, but they gave it to david c and then turned around and let him go last (apparently its better to go last because thats the last impression people have)

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    Yea, it was UNFAIR! I really think that David Cook has star potential and will sell albums, HOWEVER, David is a better singer and has a more lasting impression on you- when he sings. I mean, Cook might as well be Daughtry, do you know anyone that sounds like Archie? I don't...

    He is young, with a mature spirit and will do well.

    Oh well I guess its good he didn't win, at least he wont be tied to that crazy American Idol contract...

    I am sure there are a zillion producers waiting to pick him up!

    Congrats to you David A, you are a winner baby.

    Good luck to you too David C

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    Could you really see David A singing with ZZ Top? I can't. And rumors are rumors. Just that. Until David A comes out and says these accusations I wouldn't believe it. ANd I don't think DA will make any of those accumsations. Do I feel the show is rigged? - Um no. But I do think the voting public are influenced on what the judges say, the order of the contestants, and songs. Song choice was very important this season and I did hear (on the show interview) that another contestant didn't get their song choice b/c someone else picked it first. Just like the rest of life its a first come, first serve basis.

    I'm happy that David C won. I have voted for him since day one. I only voted for David A on two occasions. And when I say vote I only vote once not 200 times like some people.

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    The two David(s) got to sing their element and genre with Artists who's in the same element/genre as them.

    David Cook got to rock it out with ZZ Top because he is a rocker. You can't force out a rocker in David Archuleta because his element/genre is Ballad.

    It is also the other way around. If Archuleta fans hears David Cook sings ballad they would say to him to stick with rock or alternative genre because ballad doesn't suit him.

    Can you really imagine Archuleta wearing western boots, chains in pants and singing "Sharp Dress Men" with a cute ear to ear smiley face. C'mon, you have to at-least respect David Archuleta's passion for ballad.

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    Come on people get over it and stop trying to make excuses why your choice didn't win. Yes DA does have a wonderful voice and he will achieve much in his career. But if you look at true individual artistry then DC is a hands down winner. How many songs did DA arrange the music differently on? Yeah he may have added a few runs differently in the vocals but the songs were basically the same. And how much did DC have in his song preparation every week compared to DA? DA had his dad, voice coach and some other coach helping him. DC did it on his own. You know I preferred DC but would not have tried to discredit DA if he had one. The bottom line is they are both extremely talented and both will have a successful career. And as far as your theory of going last, well DA went last Tuesday night and all judge praises were for him. How is that a conspiracy against him? You need to just be happy that DA made it to the final two and know that winning for either of them does not guarantee success. It is their talent that will get them farther in this industry.

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    It is so obvious they were favoring Cook from the beginning when he would sing off-key or forget lyrics and they would still praise him. Or how about every week when Randy would tell him "Yo dawg, you could sing the phone book. That was HOTTT!!" Oh wait, that was not David Cook they said any of that to, it was David A - Sorry, don't see them as being unfair to him AT ALL!!! He was pimped out as the winner of the show since the auditions - unfortunately for them that is NOT what America wanted.

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    Hhmmm, I actually thought they were favoring David A. the night before. So it seems like it goes both ways. I thought lastnight was totally cool!!

  • well I love Archuleta better then Cook and I already love the song apologize and I loved more when Archuleta was singing it he sooooooo hot and my age!!!!!!!!!

    I think that they just felt sorry 4 cook because of his brother having brain cancer!!!!!!!!! I bet that's the only reason 4 him wining!!!!!!!!!

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    not really :P david cook has 12 million votes more than david a.

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    They were both great. I didn't really care who won. But I did vote for David A. The show is rigged though.

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