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Is Romania compared to any U.S states?

Romania is 92,043 Sq Mi... Which U.S state is near that size?

I need a comparison for a project!


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    Michigan is the closest.

    Oregon 98,381 square miles

    Wyoming 97,818 square miles

    ==> Michigan 97,790 square miles

    ==> Romania 92,043 square miles

    Minnesota 87,014 square miles

    Utah 84,899 square miles

    Idaho 83,570 square miles

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    uivlis_89: check your facts before you comment. Texas is nearly 3x the size of Romania.

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    According to my atlas, the area of Romania is near these states:

    OREGON, with an area of 97,073 sq. mi.

    WYOMING, with an area of 97,809 sq. mi.

    MINNESOTA, with an area of 84,402 sq. mi.

    Those are the three closest states to the size of Romania.

    Source(s): Funk & Wagnalls World Atlas
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    Actually, it is closer in size to Michigan which is 96,810 miles which is 4,767 miles larger, rather than Oregon which -at 98,386 is 6,343 miles larger.


    Minnesota, which at 86,943 sq. mi. is 5,100 sq. mi. smaller.

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    It is right between the sizes of Michigan and Minnesota.

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    Its between Minnesota at 86,943 square miles and Michigan at 96,810 square miles

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    Oregan is comparable, has about 500sq.miles more area.

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