Need legal help. im an rn, a random ua showed my prescription meds which i had rx for. Now they are investigat

I am an RN in Ks. A random ua showed my prescription meds which I gave proof of. Now they are investigating my nursing. Should I quit and if I do will they drop the case? It seems they have been trying to get rid of me for awhile. Now they are trying another route. Please give me some legal advice asap!!


To make it clear. It was a random urine drug screen. Thank you all so much! Im very scared at this point. I appriciate all of you.

Update 2:

Does anyone know of someone else in this situation?? Will you please let me know the outcome?!

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    Well, on the legal side of being an RN, I'm not sure but I can give you some advice on the UA side of this problem.

    Are you sure it was just a UA? Normally, prescriptions only show up in drug screens and the drug screen had to test for that specific drug (eg. a drug screen that does not test for Opiates, will not detect Opiates in your system).

    Secondly, they cannot take your specimen without you filling out and signing a Chain of Custody (the paperwrok that is filled out when you take a drug screen).

    Third, If you have a legal prescription for any of these meds and they are aware of them, they should not be able to legally terminate you because of your medication.

    Should they request another drug screen, give your specimen to the collector and do not divulge any information. His job is to ONLY collect the specimen. Your samples are then sent off to a lab where an MRO-Medical Review Officer- will review your results. If you test positive for anything that the screen tests for, the MRO and only the MRO will call you to get the information about your prescriptions. His findings are then sent to your employer.

    I agree with the other respondant. Consider a lawyer because based on your info, it sounds to me like they ran a drug screen without you even knowing and they can not do that! Random drug screens are very much to an employers discretion but the same applies, notify patient, sign a chain of custody, and the patient gives the specimen knowing it is a drug screen, not a urinalysis!

    Good Luck!


    Well, even so....if they are aware of your current medication and you have a legal prescription for them, you should not have any problems unless they are trying to get rid of you for some other reasons.

    Source(s): Ex-husband worked for a drug screening company
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    The KS Board of Nursing is generally pretty sympathetic.

    When you say 'they' are you referring the the facility you work at or the nursing board? When I got hired, they tagged my Adderall as amphetamines but showing them the rx was enough to get me clear.

    Its perfectly in the BON's right to investigate you but if you have the rx legally, you should be fine. Just don't do anything about it except comply with any legal requests for information.

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    I would not quit. It would make you look guilty. I would however find another job after they are finished investigating this situation.

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    you need to address why they have been trying to get rid of you honey, then you need to get yourself a lawyer.

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