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types of cm?

i just checked and it feels and looks like lotion what does this mean? got af may 6th started ov strips on cycle day 8 and it was neg but i have ran out on cycle day 13 was teh last timei did a opk. but the times i did do it they were all negative. did i ovulate already or no? my back ha been hurting for about 3 days. i have no idea. the other day cm was dry


please dont think im nasty but i never checked teh diff in cm before. but today i decided after checking the other day and it was dry , it felt not dry inside today if that makes sense thats why i decided to check. but i do nto have short nails so when i check thats where it ended up at so of course i was inspecting the cm from there and thats hwo i seen it was a lotion type. im not sure if that means im going to ov or i already did. but if im on my way to ov why am i ov so late?

Update 2:

i got af on may 11, april 11, and then may 6th

Update 3:

but i never get that slear stretchy mucus, thats what i was tryign to explain. i dont understand . last month i got a pos opk on day 13 btu this mo it was nowhere even teh same color atleast. it was real real faint

Update 4:

i started opk on cycle day 8 and up until the 13th they were all neg

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    White CM that resembles hand-lotion is not the fertile stuff. It's the clear CM which looks like raw egg white and is very stretchy (you can pull it between your fingers for an inch or more) is the best stuff. Next in line is the very watery stuff; again should be clear. The white stuff often follows ovulation so there's a chance you've already ovulated this cycle.

    Ovulation is most likely 14 days before your next period. If you had AF on March 11, April 11 and May 6th, that gives you cycles between 24 and 31 days long. Which means you're most likely ovulating between CD10 and CD17 and are likely fertile from CD6 to CD19. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    First, how long is ur cycle?? If u have a 28 day cycle then u have probably already ovulated, sorry for being crude but if u check ur cm now that should give u a clue.

    If inside u feel soft, squidgy and wet then ur still fertile, if u feel more dry and have very little cm then u have ovulated xx

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    I have this creamy, lotion-like cm from the time I ovulate until my period begins. It varies with each woman. However, cm can also look like that right before you have fertile cm. Try charting your temperatures on fertility friend. It will make your life a little easier!

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