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when did the term "working class Americans" start to mean poor?

I hear Obama say that the "working class Americans can't afford gas prices, or that "working class Americans" can't find a job and even if they could...gas cost so much, they could not afford to drive to work.

Hillary said that "working class Americans" can't afford health care and "Working class Americans" are tired of our jobs going over seas.

So my question is, when did hard working Americans, become working class Americans.. The term "working class"

' reefers to the poor, so why can't, the wanna be presidents, just call them poor.. I am a hard working American, I have health care, I can afford to put gas in my car, I pay my house payment...etc..

It pisses me right off, to be thrown in the same category as the poor Americans... These so called leaders, should know the difference between HARD WORKING AMERICANS and POOR AMERICANS, THAT MAKE EXCUSES ABOUT WHY THEIR LIFE SUCKS, WHILE THEY ARE GOING TO GET THERE GOVERNMENT CHECK OUT OF THE MAIL BOX EVERY MONTH...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've been saying this all along. Whatever happened to the phrase "blue collar worker."

    It has never referred to someone that is poor. It was always somebody that may have punched a time clock at work, but they still have houses and such.

    What really pisses me off is that the Dems don't even think that anybody should be a "blue collar" worker. That EVERYBODY should be making 100K a year. Scary thing is that they think that if you're a doctor that's all you should make, and if you're a truck driver that's what you deserve to make.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Politicians and Elitist have changed the term "working class".Because they get millions in funds they are in a higher category than you. Some think they can lead us to believe only their great intelligence and leadership can bring us to our senses and vote for them.They look down on you with contempt but need your vote.They are the work smart,not hard group.They put the working class where it is because of bad leadership,taxes,lazy attitude on alternative fuel.Pork barrel spending and down right greed and power thirst.Not all poor people get government checks or want them,you just hear of the trifling few and someone has to take care of them so they won't roam the streets and rob. Among the poor are the handicapped and old folks and even students going to school. Being termed "poor" in American has become a crime.From a political point of view we need the poor to blame them for the woes of the nation.Who is worse a poor dude taking $100 bucks in food stamps,or a Politician pork barrel bonus of a $10 million dollar bridge to nowhere.Think of your anger of being the termed"working class"being equal to "poor class,because that's where we will all be if we elect the wrong elitist smug liberal to be our next President.They use the poor and now the "working class"get elected and do nothing.Anger is a good thing if it brings us to the truth.It's not the fault of the poor but poor leadership and bad judgement of the "smart" guy.We have become the society of blame the other guy.But the beauty of America is a poor person can has a shot to better their life,there is always the possibility.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I certainly can see your issue of anger, But as your one poster

    so well said, buzz words, bring dollars, Rhetoric ignites

    fire storms of division. Cheap one liners, are grasped onto

    by the hopeless or the lost. These dem politicans have been

    pulling the sheeps chains for decades. They know the hot

    buttons. Really don't take it perosnally. You know your worth.

    Your message back should be to, educate and show the

    person they are using, what is truth and what is fiction, Dem

    can't handle fact. All they know is innuendo and supposition.

    IF you beat a dog over the head 20 times a day. the 21st

    time, all you have to do is raise your hand, and your going

    to get a reaction. The dem school of Politics, Its bad, Its bad

    Its bad. Its bad. You do this consistently enough, that segment of society begins to believe its bad. Just think of

    this, The Economy crap. No one thought this enconomy was

    bad., until the Liberal media kept saying day after day, news

    cast after news cast, its bad. Low and behold the stupid ***

    pubs, jumped out there and tried to defend a correction as

    economys will do.

    Do we have problems yes. Can they be fixed Yes.

    Education is a wonderful thing, It empowers people. the

    dems don't want that to happen. For if they lose those

    sheep,, there no longer needed.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it won't be long before there are only two classes, the rich and the poor with Obamas proposals he will do nothing but eliminate the middle class, which most of us are.

    The bleeding hearts wnant to give the same priviliages that are earned by the rest of us as handouts to those who live off of society.

    I am in agreement with Xenypoo and Scottdman on this one.

    Anyone who wants to succeed can, by hard work and education. I am not speaking to many of the disabled, either with physical or mental limitations. I speak of those who whine that they desrve more, and to be kept, without a contribution to society.

    Source(s): A Real American!
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  • 1 decade ago

    The key to a successful life is good health (mental and physical) It is good that you can make all your payments (I hope you can put some away for your old age) Raising children cost lots of money. $100,000 per year for a single person would make them lower-middle class...$500,000 per year for a single person would make them upper-middle class...$1,000,000 per year would make them low-upper class...etc. When you start to make Tens of millions then you are rich and when you start to make ten of billions you are supper rich(it goes on and on) Then you can afford to by your own island and your own army and call yourself a sovereign nation...and if you could live forever you could call yourself God. But if you are working from pay check to pay check you are working class. If the term working class irritates you then stop listen to campaign speeches. Be happy that you have enough pride to go to work everyday so that you can walk into Wal-Mart with you head held high and pay cash for what you want. And when those billions of dollars have been past down from generations then it becomes old money and you can set up charitable foundations and your children can run around acting crazy like Paris Hilton and they can live of your fortune. There was a song back in the 80's called "Don't Worry Be Happy"

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  • 1 decade ago

    When did the term "working class Americans" start to mean poor? I'd say about Three years into the Presidency of George W. Bush.

    And the point is that even people who work hard can no longer comfortably afford some of the necessities. And I gotta say, I think that's true.

    Sorry if it makes you mad, though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The poorer are Republicans, not Liberals. Some are Democrat, but still not Liberals.

    The rich Hollywood Elite, are the Liberals, rich as God, if not more so.

    Who makes them so, and then complains about it later?

    Poor citizens of America, Republicans, who work their buns off to make a simple living, and Democrats who want the same thing, but are so tied into Hollywood, for the break in reality they think they need, but don't, so get wrapped up, and listen to these fools in Hollywood, when they visit Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela, and hates freedom and America.

    Democrats wake from the spell of Manna. Your country needs your support. The Libs are taking you for a ride, not helping you.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Fewer jobs, the jobs pay less, prices go up, things are not as good for the average American as they were decades ago. The disparity between the rich and the poor has increased and the mean average wage has less buying power.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When socialism became the goal of democrats. History will show that the worst of the worst rode to power on the backs of "the workers". It is a division tactic that means little in a country that is for the most part employed by small businesses instead of massive industries.

    People are a product of what they hear. The media pumps out biased propaganda to further their cause and the people parrot even though when asked if they fit the title they will say no, they still believe that everyone else does because the news said so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Working class generally means they make less money than the middle class, which means economic hard times and high prices hit them particularly hard, as working class people make too little to keep up, but aren't poor enough to qualify for government assistance.

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