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Greatest freedom fighter?

some options:

Nelson Mandela


Ayathulla Khomeini

Che gueira

Simon Bolivar

Robert Muqabe

Mujibur rahman



Subash Chandra Bose



Omer mukhthar




Martin Luther King

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    I would say whoever fight for the freedom of their people they are real heroes. So, Mandela, Gandhi, Spartacus, Guevara, Boliver, Khomeini …………. All are greatest human beings.

    reply to jonquille's answer :

    How can you say they are seen as both freedom fighter as well as terrorist? Can anyone dare to say “Gandhi” is a terrorist? Freedom fighters choose one of 2 ways (violent & non violent). A very food example is Gandhi & Subash Chandra Bose. They had the same aim but they chose different routes (Gandhi-non violent, Bose- violent) to achieve the same goal. I would keep both in a same status.

    The terrorist are the people who kill innocents & who destroy public properties, not the people who struggle for the independence of their community or country or fight against cruel leaders. You can’t say Spartacus, Che Guevara and Khomeini as terrorists.

    I would define terrorist as a group of people, a government or a leader who is the cause for emerging freedom fighters or rebels by oppression. So, it British Empire was the terrorist, not Gandhi, Mandela or Subash Chandra Bose & it colonists were the terrorists not Simon Bolivar or Che Guevara.

    If some one slap you in one cheek, showing other cheek will not help always, if he feels guilty & seek forgive its ok, but some people enjoy that & keep on slapping you & search some others like you to slap. You have to slap them back strongly. Some body will stop if you cut their hand only.

    If it is good for the majority of (innocent) people, nothing is terrorism.

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    Define freedom fighter.

    How can one distinguish a freedom fighter and a terrorist?

    All those names you have up there could be seen as both, and when writing an essay about this you need to make it clear. Rather than sucking up to the teacher and writing a suck up essay about somebody you think is a hero, why not take these examples and make the above your point. It will develop your thinking and get you an A without even trying.

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    Michael Collins

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    Black Hawk, Tecumseh, Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Cochise, Gall, Rain In The Face, Geronimo, Victorio, Nana, are just a few examples of those whom I consider " freedom fighters. "

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    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for social equality between all races in the United States. He was a very admirable and balanced person. He didn't strive to make one group above another, but equal to them. He worked wonders and converted a lot of minds to his cause.

    In the end, he was considered to big of a threat to the racist citizens and was assassinated for his good deeds. He was great because he faught for and obtain a level of freedom without ever condoning or resorting to violence.

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    hey it's MAHATMA GANDHIJI(Father of indian nation)

    He's an excellent individual who fought for us not physically but through non-violence and a peace loving person who even in the death bed asked to relieve the culprit who shot him!Taught people hoe to triumph without violence a great genius who relieved from his job(lawyer) as he hate to lie!

    What more does a freedom fighter need to have!More than what he had (gandhi)

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    Mao: most of the rest of the list didn't fight freedom, they fought against perceived tyranny and gained freedom. Mao however won the fight and took freedom away from his people as a brutal dictator.

    Source(s): Firefighters fight fire, Crime fighters fight crime; what do freedom fighters fight?
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    Dear Mohamed,

    With this question.the first person who came to mind was...

    SPARTACUS,He was a THRACIAN SLAVE,who led an

    Unsuccessfull revolt of GLADIATORS against ROME .

    SPARTACUS died in 71 B C

    I Hope this answer is appropriate,to your question.

    In Friendship. Suzanne.

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