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Struggle for power resources in China

1. Describe the distribution of major cities in China.



2. Which regions in China have a great demand for energy?


3. Give reasons to explain why the regions in (b) have a great demand for energy.

( may be about ten sentences )

4. What is the most serious power problem in China?




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    1.the major cities in China locates at the costal areas and its rivers.

    2.the eastern and southern parts of China.

    3.It is because the industries are located in eastern and southern parts of China.They are cluster together especially heavy industries due to better infrastructure and abundant supply of worker.These kinds of industries uses large amount of electricity to produce a product such as iron and steel industries.Also,there are many major cities located in the costal areas. Thu use of electricity in domestic, basic foundation and economy will contribute a great demand of energy.

    4.Energy shortage. Almost all the power resources are situated in the northeast and interion parts of China.There are great surplus in the West but are deficit in the East.The industries and the major cities are far away from the energy resources. The mismatch of location between energy resources and major industry takes a longer time to transport the fossil fuels from the west to the east and south.The mismatch can lead to energy shortage.

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