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請不要用翻譯軟體,我自己有翻了一些,不過有些專有名詞還是無從得知,謝謝你們! :)

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    Originally planting can be regarded as the most famous and widest pool tortoise raised , generally grow and up to 750? At the time of weight of 1000 grams, the female tortoise begins to breed . Generally can produce the ovum 3 times in one year, it is mating season from the end of April to mid-September, 6? Lay eggs in September, produce about 6 each time? 11 ovums are in 25? In 30 degrees Centigrade of environment, is the ovum in 60? Hatch 75 days later, is the male tortoise in 2? Reached the sexal maturity in about 5. Originally the miscellaneous feeding habits of kind , as the food with plant fodder , such as small fish , shrimp , alga , fish , thin pork , spiral shell's meat , , several broadleaf plants and potatoes ,etc., but young tortoise period relatively leans to carnivorously. Adaptive capacity is quite strong, can all find its activity throughout the year, the phenomenon that do not hibernate . Brazil tortoise there is obvious returning the phenomenon of taking in from all parts of the world a lot of place, in the whole Taiwan , low lacustrine bog , brook above sea level, in the park, can all find its trace .

    Type attitude characteristic : Carapace is long about 20? 28 centimeters, carapace is flat and slightly oval in shape, the trailing edge slightly becomes the cockscomb structure, toe favorable claw, have webs quickly. There are obvious red vertical lines after the eyes of head both sides, the throat has yellow thin stripes , carapace have yellow stripes on being getting green and brown for Verde Olivo, the belly has black stripes for the yellow

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