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La La
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La La asked in 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 decade ago






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    Love songht is good, but given unsought is better.--Shakespeare


    Love cannot be compelled. -Chaucer愛情不能被強迫。

    Love asks faith, and faith asks firmness. -Herber愛情要求忠誠,而忠誠則要求堅定。

    Love me little, love me long. --John Heywood愛不貴親密,而貴長久。

    Without respect, love cannot go far. ----A. Dumas倘不互相尊敬,愛亦難久持。

    Love and a cough cannot be hid.愛情與咳嗽不能隱匿。

    Whom we love best to them we can say least. ----Ray


    Where love fails, we espy all faults. ---Ray在愛情喪失的地方,我們就察見所有的缺點了。

    One love expels another.--Lyly一個愛情驅除另一個愛情。

    Love begets love. ---Herrick愛產生愛。

    Love laughs at locksmiths. ----Colman愛情嘲笑鎖匠。

    Faults are thick where love is thin. ----Howell嘲情義淡,樣樣不順眼。

    Love makes the world go round.--Dickens愛能使世界轉動。

    Love can turn the cottage into a golden palace.愛情可化陋室為宮殿。

    Love me, love my dog. ----St. Bernard愛屋及烏。

    The course of true love never did run smooth. ---Shakespeare真誠的愛情永不是走一條平坦的道路的。

    Marry in haste, and repent at leisure. ----Ray草率成婚,後悔莫及。

    A man has choice to begin love, but not to end it. ----Bohn


    the world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover. it becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.世界對著它的愛人,把它浩翰的面具揭下了。它變小了,小如一首歌,小如一回永恆的接吻。

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    I like the works of Shakespeare, especially these love quotes in his play and his sonnets:


    Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,

    Could ever hear by tale or history,

    The course of true love never did run smooth;

    But either it was different in blood—


    A thousand times the worse, to want thy light.

    Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books,

    But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.


    "Journeys end in lovers meeting,

    Every wise man's son doth know."


    "O, how this spring of love resembleth

    The uncertain glory of an April day;

    Which now shows all the beauty of the sun,

    And by and by a cloud takes all away."

    Sonnet 18:

    Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

    Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

    And summer's lease hath all too short a date . ..

    Source(s): Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With 32 years experience speaking and writing English. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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