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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificMalaysia · 1 decade ago

Can the Malay language unite Malaysian or English is the way?

Currently majority of Chinese prefer to talk in English/ Chinese while Indian in tamil/ English while Malay in Malay language. Many Chinese find it hard to speak Malay language given that their education system are in English/Chinese the same goes to some Indian. It would be hard for English and Malay speaker to communicate with each other. Sometimes language is the barrier for this people to communicate and mix around.

I have meet many Indian and Chinese that couldn't speak proper Malay, and this people are educated people


What can you do with the Malay language majority of the technical language are in English

Update 2:

example technical language

That server gives a plug and play service to the clients using either hardware or software joystick. The joystick goes into the port of the client

Malay Translation would be

Pelayan itu beri kepada pelanggannya layanan cucuk dan main dengan mempergunakan batang ria jenis keras atau lembut. Barang itu dimasukkan ke dalam lubang pelanggan

hardware= barangkeras

software= baranglembut

joystick= batang ria


port= lubang

server= pelayan

client= pelanggan

Update 3:

to anderson ya loh spik spik only loh wat to do oredi

Update 4:

even YAM are in English not Malay, if you use Malay your Q&A will be deleted

Update 5:

to hush who are you exactly don't be secretive

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on the vision of the govt---does it want the country to take advantage of the latest technology around the world and for its ruler and senior politicians to communicate well on the world stage? English is the lingua franca, so many citizens in Asian and Mid-east countries are working hard to learn it, for economic and political reasons. Malaysian rulers should ensure that all citizens speak English well, as it is a powerful unifying factor for social, political and economic reasons.English will remain as the most popular global language for many decades at least. I know that it is a rich and most versatile language worth learning, as i also dabble in Spanish, Mandarin, Malay ,Japanese and several other dialects. It isnt difficult. The attitude, mindset and passion are most important to sort out first.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You know, Malay is not as strict as English is... Even Malays makes lots of mistakes while speaking Malay, because nobody cares, it is only when you write essays or give speeches, you got to speak well. And besides, the Malay language is easier to learn than English, so, for the rural settlers, they wouldnt mind it.. Not all chinese and Indian understand English. Some of them, despite their already shattered Malay, does not know English at all. And these people, they have to communicate in Malay.

    A grand uncle of mine(a chinese), speaks no Hokkien, he speaks cantonese. But where he resides now, the people speaks Hokkien. So, when he enters a shop, he uses Malay to communicate. The shopkeeper would then stare at him.

    But really, Kelantanese are very well off together. The Chinese there could speak kelantanese

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Now I find that English is what I speak more often [hark, look at me now]. Anyway, I believe, as a Chinese, Malay is rather not our language, though we're really trying, believe me. Ever heard a Malay speak Chinese? [Blurrch] no offence, but it really does sound weird. The same concept as when we speak Malay.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i used to speak malay everyday in my life and hang around with malay kids. i went to a malay school. and in high school my bm was among the national top list (no kidding - among chinese schools lah)... write, read, speak, listen... everything

    now i can hardly utter proper sentences. which is a shame. but i can assure you it is not because i prefer other languages, i have no choice. i can hardly converse properly in my own mother tongue now, which is lagi memalukan. if globalisation is the way to go, malay has become obsolete, in international platform at least. but if i were to stay home, i would make sure i brush up my malay skills. it still is much needed at home.

    you know how malays say they cant understand english?

    like - saya tak tahu cakap orang putih...

    well when i go home, i dont wanna tell others - i dont know how to speak malay people..

    get it?

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's Malayu Bahasa... I know some countries speaks malay bahasa like Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

    I've been to Brunei and they speak both Language (Malay and Chinese) because this country they have malay and chinese subjects but majority they cannot speak and understand English Language because they just introduce it not quite long.

    I been to different Asian Countries but it was quite sad to say this countries that i've been to they cannot so much speak and understand English. Out of 100% there were only 10% who can understand English Language but not totally.

    Honestly, i felt bad when i flown to that countries because even we have our own Language but we need to know and understand English Language as our Second Language.

    I had a bad experience in ho chi minh, vietnam. When tried to apply schools as English Teacher but they can't speak english and they said, they don't need English Teacher because they don't have English Subjects. I cannot forget that one of the school that i tried to apply they pushed me out. It's quite rude!

    I applied some establishment but it's still the same...

    You know what, the reason why these people that you mentioned that they couldn't speak proper Malay it's because they have their own languages and besides they need to learn more. They need to learn pronounciation, intonations, rhyms, and spelling too.

    I just stayed couple of weeks in Brunei and in Malaysia too but they said i can read properly their books.. I think the reason why my Native Language has similarity of Malayu Bahasa..

    for me still English Language is the National Language cuz everywhere you go you need to use it.

    In Chinese there are several languages like, amoy (traditional), mandarin, *****, cantonese etc.. that's the reason why many people got confuse to learn and speak chinese.

    I am not being bossy but i can speak 5 languages including spanish... My country which i come from we have more than 20 thousand languages but we still understand each other cuz our National Language is Tagalog. If somebody cannot understand in other native language, well, we have to speak tagalog so that we understand each other.

    Though Philipines has different languages but we still understand each other.. and our national language has similarity of Malayu bahasa but my native language it has similarity of Spanish Language.

    In Philippines we have Chinese, Spanish, English Language (introduce since)/Speakers.

    My mom she can undestand and speak chinese but i can't speak it but i understand some because she is come from a chinese family.

    Though i have 5 languages but i still need to learn different languages.. though i know it's hard but for me it's fun!

    If you are willing to teach them go ahead.

    I had korean students before, though i taught them English Language but they taught me (Hanggul) as well. Teaching is fun too.

    Good Luck!

    Good Bless You Always!

    If you are smart enough find an electronic dictionary and translate those words. You can translate any words and sentences or even paragraphs.

    Just like this:

    English: Thank you for being a good friend of mine. I won't forget you.

    Malayu Bahasa: Terima kasih kerana mewujudkan seorang kawan baik lombong. Saya tidak akan lupakan anda.

    I have few Indonesian friends that who can speak Chinese fluently.

    To Hushpuppy, i know what's the meaning of:

    Saya tak tahu cakap orang putih...

    I do not know speak white man!

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  • 4 years ago

    80% is same but some words are change

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  • 1 decade ago

    just speck english lol... apa susah sangat??

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  • 1 decade ago

    that's why u need an expert to translate it, don't do direct translate....that will happen when you do direct translate...


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  • 1 decade ago

    hahaha..macam-macam la you!!

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