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holocaust help?

Doing a project about what happened to the jew's wealth, possesions, jewelry, etc. I need to find some good pictures for this. Please have the pic relating to the holocaust. Just put web address down would be great. Thanks!

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    photographs, written and audio first-hand accounts:

    Interviews of Holocaust victims from 1946. The site contains typescripts (and some audio recordings) that detail first-hand accounts of victims of the Holocaust:

    primary sources and other resources; This site provides a Holocaust encyclopedia, personal histories of survivors of the Holocaust, animated maps, special online exhibits:

    A comprehensive collection of artifacts, testimonials, photographs, and information regarding the Holocaust, including films and videotaped testimonies of survivors.

    timelines, artifacts, a glossary, photographs, and biographical information for students studying this important topic of 20th century world history.

    Hope this help! :)

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    im not gonna do the whole thing for you, but if you can find images from the movie "schindlers list"

    theres a scene in which jews roll diamonds and gold into pieces of bread and eat them

    anything else was taken by SS officers

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    The nazi's destroyed the jewish stores and put up signs that said they live here and dont shop here and stuff like that

    heres a website.

    and for other pictures you can use google

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