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Goats and management.?

I have to create a snakes and ladders game about goats. At the end of each snake/ladder will be the consequence of the event at the beginnin go fthe snake or ladder.

one of the positives i have is: goats controll weeds --> weed free garden

some examples for cows: good rain --> higer production, but it sounds lame.

Could you help me find some other good positive things for goats?



please also tell me the consequence.

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    Goats used for brush control = fewer fires, and less damage to homes/property

    Goats run in pasture with horses, cattle or sheep, means more fodder for the other animals, because the goats will eat the weeds, and brambles before anything else. When the weeds and brambles are gone, there is actually more graze for the other livestock.

    Manure from the goats can be sold/used for gardens, as it is an EXCELENT fertilizer.

    Goats produce milk which is the closest to human breast milk, so it is actually very good for humans.

    Goats were the fist domesticated animal.

    Goats can live/eat in places humans simply cannot grow crops. Because of this, goats can allow humans to live in marginal lands where they otherwise could not survive.

    Goats have less fat in their meat than SKINLESS breast of chicken.

    Goats have more iron in their meat than beef.

    Goats can produce more meat in less time, and with less water, space, and fodder than cattle can.

    Goats can clear land of toxic plants, like poison ivy/poison oak which humans do not want to touch, and certainly do not want to burn (NEVER BURN POISON IVY OR OAK, THE SMOKE IS TOXIC).

    Goats make excellent companion animals, and are actually wonderful pets, especially for people who enjoy hiking.


    Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years

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  • 4 years ago

    Only the unfixed males (bucks) stink... the fixed ones are called wethers and can make nice pets. When you go to buy one their personality will be known pretty quickly. Goats DO make good pets; Nubians are my favorite, but I don't know how much room you have, so pygmy goats or other dwarf breeds might suit you better. A quick tip: If you need your goat to move back, always push on their chest and not their head! Goats fight by shoving and knocking each other's foreheads, and might think this is a challenge. Oh, and goats can CLIMB like you wouldn't believe, so try to keep things away from the fences or they might be able to jump over. You should read up on them! Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Goats love to eat and do very well when eating weeds and brush, thus improving pastures and making them more desirable for cattle and horses. Goats will also eat themselves out of house and home, killing all brush and weeds. Goats will strip the bark off of trees, killing them. This is good if brush control is your goal but not when they kill the apple trees in your yard. Goats are curious and personable, making them good pets. Their curiosity also gets them into trouble when they get into things or places they shouldn't (like on the top of a brand new, hours old Chrysler convertable car) or they hang themselves with a piece of baling twine.

    Source(s): had goats for 45 years
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  • 1 decade ago

    less kudzu, use goats milk to make money, use goat hair for fabric, use goat manure to grow plants, and goats are good companions

    Source(s): National FFA Org. Student 2+ years
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    HUmm sorry i dont have idea bout this...

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