i need synonym quick please?!?

evolution consists of three _____ (dogmans, beliefs, ????): spontaneous generation, mutation, & something else, but what word can fill in the blank????

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    A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

    Change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations, as a result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals, and resulting in the development of new species.

    maneuver, move, turn,evolvement, growth, progress, unfolding, Evolution

    the development of a species, organism, or organ from its original or primitive state to its present or specialized state; phylogeny or ontogeny

    Darwin's theory of evolution, which holds that all species of plants and animals developed from earlier forms by hereditary transmission of slight variations in successive generations, and that natural selection determines which forms will survive

    the act or process of going from the simple or basic to the complex or advanced

    any process of formation or growth; development

    change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.

    Synonyms 1. unfolding, change, progression, metamorphosis


    The process by which species of organisms arise from earlier life forms and undergo change over time through natural selection. The modern understanding of the origins of species is based on the theories of Charles Darwin combined with a modern knowledge of genetics based on the work of Gregor Mendel. Darwin observed there is a certain amount of variation of traits or characteristics among the different individuals belonging to a population. Some of these traits confer fitness—they allow the individual organism that possesses them to survive in their environment better than other individuals who do not possess them and to leave more offspring. The offspring then inherit the beneficial traits, and over time the adaptive trait spreads through the population. In twentieth century, the development of the the science of genetics helped explain the origin of the variation of the traits between individual organisms and the way in which they are passed from generation to generation. This basic model of evolution has since been further refined, and the role of genetic drift and sexual selection in the evolution of populations has been recognized. See also natural selection, sexual selection. See Notes at adaptation, Darwin.

    A process of development and change from one state to another, as of the universe in its development through time.


    Synonyms: development, fruition, growth, progress, progression, advancement


    There are three forces in opposition to real knowledge about evolution:

    1. Religious rejection - A large part of the public view certain knowledge as being anti-God. The study of evolution is an example. These reject the information contained in this text, rather than embrace real knowledge about the real world. They prefer dogma over fact and faith over reason and logic.

    This group not only practices evangelism to spread their beliefs, they are militant in their support of those beliefs. As a result, they not only deny provable and measurable fact in favor of dogma, they will also deny any philosophy derived therefrom, even though it may parallel their own.

    2. Academic protection of the campus elitist ideology - the academic professionals truncate and distort scientific knowledge in order to further political aims toward an egalitarian (socialist) society. They call it 'humanizing' science. This is intellectual hypocrisy at its worst. Politically correct knowledge is the result.

    This group is not only far more righteous than the religious in support of their dogma, it is also more militant in defending it. Whereas the religious will seek conversion within the free will of the convert, socialist ideologues will use any measure to force their dogma on the public.

    3. Public apathy - The conflict between the forces described above leaves a majority of the public confused. As a result, a large percentage does not care. The future of mankind does not concern them. These seek instant self-gratification. As long as they can satisfy their own drives, they are content.

    These need factual education.


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    I think the answer is "sections"

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