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pride and prejudice help!!!?

how does eizabeth feel about bingley's sister?

a. she likes them better than her own sisters.

b. she thinks they are attractive and interesting.

c. she regards them as shallow snobs.

d. she thinks they are detestable and unintelligent.

2. the exchange between Darcy and Mr. bingley is amusing to elizabeth. true or false.

3. what is mr collin's motive for visiting the bennet family?

a. he wants to check on mr bennet's health.

b. he wants to look over the estates since he is already planning to sell it when mr. bennet dies.

c. he wants to choose a wife from among the bennet sisters.

d. he wants to withdraw his claim on the estate and leave it to Bennet 's daughters.

4. Darcy and wickham recognize each other and exchange tense words. wickham looked like he was going to strike darcy, so Darcy excused himself and left the room. true or false

5. who has mr.collins decided will be his wife at this point in the novel.


b. Lydia

c. jane

d. kitty

who are bennets neighbors and friend?

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    Shouldn't this be in "homework help"? :-)

    1. Eliz. & Bingley's sisters: C - they are shallow snobs

    2. Exchange between Bingley and Darcy (I think you are referring to his comment that Elizabeth Darcy was only "tolerably attractive." She was offended, but pretended to be amused.

    3. C - Mr. Collins has been told by Lady Catherine de Bourgh to "find a wife", so he figures he'll just marry one of his cousins, so they can stay in the home they grew up in.

    4. False. Darcy & Wickam met each other in the street. Darcy barely acknowledged Wickham, and Wickham (the coward) decided not to attend Bingley's ball that night because he knew Darcy would humiliate him by cutting him, socially.

    5. He proposed to Elizabeth. He thought about Jane, but was told that Jane was most likely going to be engaged soon. Lydia and Kitty were deemed to be too young.

    6. Who are the Bennet's neighbors and friends? Sir William Lucas, his wife and daughter were good friends. Charlotte Lucas was Eliz. best friend (and later married Mr. Collins).

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    1. c

    2. false

    3. c

    4. true

    5. a

    6. Charlotte Lucas and her father

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