In the long run, will clothes last longer and come out better if you air dry the clothes instead?

Like, you air dry them instead of putting them in the dryer? I'm thinking in terms of less fading, less shrinking, keeping the fabric nice, etc.

Thanks for all the replies! :-)

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    It is, with one exception. Those in the Arctic who air dry their clothes at -40 and colder find their clothes wear out far more quickly than they would if they'd thrown them in the dryer. The water freezing in the fabric, crystallizing, and falling out (which is how the clothes dry) damages the fibers - when the water freezes, it expands, and bursts the fibers during expansion.

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    I would think the fading would actually be more due to the sun. Fading in the wash/dry process happens in the washer, not the dryer. As for shrinkage, that would probably be less. We've all shrunk things in the dryer.- As for keeping the fabric nice, I don't know. I can't remember from when my mother used to hang out the clothes in the summer. But I do remember they sure smelled fresh!

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    Yes, the clothes will last longer, colors will not fade and pilling will not occur on certain fabrics, plus savings on utilities!. For some of my items, I dry on low to medium for about 5 minutes to remove wrinkles and then hang up. I hang up everything that I can indoors. At one time, I hung everything outdoors but now live in an area without a clothesline.

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    I never put anything in the dryer that has elastic ( socks, underwear, etc ) or spandex. The heat ruins it.

    As for other fabrics I put them on a short dry cycle ( except towels and sheets ) and then finish by air drying. I never put jeans or t-shirts in the dryer, either. They shrink too much.

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    Yup. Tumble drying in the dryer adds lots of extra wear and tear to clothes. I compromise by air drying and then sticking them in a no heat tumble setting for 10 minutes just to take the crispiness out of them.

  • Seija
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    Yes, they will last longer. The heat and the tumbling stresses the fabric out, causing shrinkage, fading, pilling, etc. So if you remove the dryer, you remove the stress. I air dry all my shirts for this reason.

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    YES! Your clothing will last 3x as long NOT putting them in the dryer... I have black dress pants that are over 15 yrs. old and they look brand new because I use Woolite on gentle cycle AND I hang or lay them flat to dry! I have a really nice laundry sorter, clothes hanger in my laundry room.... I'll use that... Or lay them FLAT on a towel on my laundry table... You can also roll the items in a towel and squeeze the water out.. I also have a fan running in the laundry room to dry items faster.. Also, wash them INSIDE/OUT to prevent them from fading!

    Good luck

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    hanging is best, in the dryer there is friction on the clothes right? this is wear & tear, right? & hot hot air isn't all that great on them either, way up north here in canada we only use an inside dryer when the snow blows so cold, cause they would jus turn into a giant popsicle if you hung em outside..

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    It might since tumbling in the dryer put weakens the straight of the material and the heat may fade the color.

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