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Haircut problems I want a scene hairstyle but I want it to be different! no emo haters plz?

I really like the emo/scene look but I want it to be different i'm a singer and I want an awesome hairstyle with pink in it but I don't want the average black and blonde hair so I want to keep it brown any pics or suggestions

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    Style Scene Hair

    Girls Short Hair

    Get some awesome choppy layers cut into your hair. If it is curly, think about having it straightened! Getting it razored can also look very scene too.

    Dye your hair black with streaks of other colors, such as bright pink or electric blue. As an alternative, you can keep your natural hair color and get some lowlights/highlights that complement your hairstyle. The most common hairstyle in the scene is either straight black, or blond with black underneath.

    Grow out your fringe and pin it to the side with Kirby grips or bow clips during the process.

    Mess up the back with a little hair serum or, if you want a more boyish look, use gel to get a wet look. You might put some porcupine spikes in the back, as a suggestion.

    Remember to lather, rinse, and repeat in the shower to get rid of all that gel!

    Get extensions if you'd prefer to have long scene hair.

    Mid-Length Hair

    Layer your hair and get it razored. Brown or black with another color in the fringe or back looks great. Blonde with pink streaks in can also be very fetching.You can also get other colors like green or blue.

    Use hairspray, and stay away from hair gel. Serum is okay, but use it in moderation. Use bow clips, ribbons -- whatever suits you.

    Remember to have it poofed! In other words, you'll be using lots of hairspray, and maybe a little backcombing.

    Keep in mind that you'll be straightening your hair. Use a hot oil or similar hair treatment weekly, such as Aussie 3 minute miracle, to reduce damage from all the hairspray, straightening, and combing.

    Use conditioner every time that you wash your hair.

    Use heat protecting serums when you straighten!

    Long Hair

    Trim your split ends at least every six weeks. This will help to maintain a healthy look. Long hair is very easy to make scene, although it needs lots of TLC.

    Use conditioner and shampoo tailored for your hair type. If you straighten/curl, use proper protection.Super Star by Bed Head is the best for volumizing your hair.put some in your wet hair and then blow dry,while blow drying push your shorter layers up and spritz a little bit of some Super Star hair spray to make your root stand up higher and finishing blow drying.

    Brush your hair daily. Also comb gently to get rid of dead hairs. If you are considering getting it cut, get it razored and layer it.

    Dye your hair peroxide blonde with the fringes black or brown. This combination looks great on long hair.

    Accessorize! Kirby grips, bobby pins, bows, and ribbons look hot!

    Guys Short Hair

    Dye your hair black or blonde. Razor it, straighten it -- whatever goes! The Oliver Sykes look is a good choice for short hair.

    Consider black with a long fringe and red streaks. It looks amazing on most guys!

    Avenged Sevenfold also has some groovy hairstyles. Check Out Johnny Christ or Zacky Vengeance and consider copying their gelled look.

    Wash your hair thoroughly!

    Mid-Length Hair

    Dye your hair, if you wish. Generally speaking, any color goes with mid length.

    Avoid using hair gel! It doesn't look too great on medium hair.

    Get your hair razored.

    You don't need to use too over-the-top colors when dying your hair. Brown or black with blonde can look very good!

    Long Hair

    Do not dye your hair with over-the-top colors. Dying your hair with brown, black, or blond looks fine. You can even keep your original hair color if you like! Peroxide might suit you.

    Understand that the key to long scene hair is simple TLC. Shampoo every other day, or every day, depending on your hair type.

    Use conditioner and comb it through your hair when you shower. Try to let it dry naturally.

    Get your split ends cut regularly.

    Avoid layering your hair, as it doesn't look too good. Consider getting your hair thinned out, if you do want a change.

    Use heat protection sprays and serums liberally if you decide to straighten your hair!

    [edit] TipsFor both sexes reverse mullets are popular.

    Both sexes can get liberty spikes and Mohawks, but they tend to suit males more.

    All hair types suit being thinned out; it makes hair look less bushy!

    If you straighten, use proper protection sprays.

    Bows, bobby pins, and Kirby grips suit all girly hair types

    Volume is key! Be careful for frizz.

    Almost all hair types can look scene just by being straightened. If you have curly hair, you can wash it, dry using a diffuser until slightly damp, and use a special gel or curling tongs to emphasize the curls.

    Don't forget to have fun! Experiment with your hair -- see what looks best!

    If you have dark hair and are concerned about damage from bleaching, then consider going black and getting colored hair extensions. You can make the cutest hairstyles and hair colors with extensions. They are a bit expensive if they are high quality. Do your research with hair extensions, and if you don't like how they look, you can always take them out.

    Girls scene hair doesn't have to be dyed if you do not want it to. it can be short get clip in extensions with coon stripes. and backcomb or tease your hair. the bigger the better . if you want to be original about it keep your current fringe , or no fringe in some case.

    [edit] WarningsA style might look ridiculous on you, but not on others. Don't worry! Keep trying and the right style will come to you eventually!

    Don't worry what people say; it's good to be original!

    Never forget to wash your hair thoroughly on a regular basis! You'll probably be using a lot of hairspray or other gel, which can be tough on your hair.

    Be careful with razoring hair, it's very hard to maintain, and can ruin/destroy your hair.

    Damage: Dying/straightening your hair often will damage it. Don't be afraid to go a while without.

    Be careful, if you have slow growing hair then it will suck bad if you get a haircut that doesn't look good on you. If you are scared about a haircut not looking good on you, you can always visit a wig store to get an idea on how things will look on you.

    [edit] Things You'll NeedBobby Pins

    Kirby Grips

    Bow Clips



    Hair Straightener



    Heat Protection Spray




    Rounded Brush

    Hair Dye




    hope i helped


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    5 years ago

    Who doesn't love scene hair?Haha About a month ago, I was going for the scene look too. But without the whole dying your hair part. I asked for short layers at the crown of my head. It's not the WOW scene/emo look but it's different for me, at least. My hair is about 3 inches past my shoulders and I have thin hair under my short layers, is this what you're looking for?

  • 4 years ago

    I find blonde tresses with pale skin to be appealing, and dark hair with tanned pores and skin to also be attractive

  • 4 years ago

    Depends on the person. I have plane black hair and it looks great on me, and I have friends with blonde hair that looks fantastic on them.

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