2004 Cavalier power windows.?

My power windows went out on both my front windows. Does anyone know of any good links that have illustrations on how to replace. I took off my door pannel off and it does not look like a picnic getting it out and a new one in. My window is stuck half down and I need to fix before it rains.


well my back windows work fine. my front driver side syopped working completely about 8 months ago. The front passenger just stopped working completely. It had been were I could eventually get it up after a few days of inching it up, now it does nothing. Same thing the other window did.

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    The sources I see that have been suggested to you are all pay sources, FYI I pay 200 a month for the Mitchell on Demand software, so don't waste your time trying to research what you've been told thus far.

    I'll give you an over view but you probably need a mechanic.

    1. You may indeed need a regulator which should be able to be found on eBay/or Internet with motor attached for pretty cheap.

    2. Installing this thing will give you nightmares, and you have to do 2?

    3. Be careul to tape the glass up once you pull out the regulator or else it will be in your way, use at least four strips of tape 12" or longer and wrap them around the top of the door so that they are attached on the inside and outside of the glass.

    4. The regualtor is riveted in, you will have to drill out the rivets.

    5. The new regulator will probably not come with new rivets unless you are lucky, so you will need to find the bigger rivets at a parts store and a rivet gun to install them. I've used a bolt/nut setup in a pinch but most time it will be too long and rub/hit on something.

    6. A good mechanic will charge you about 45 min-1 hour for each door.

    Maybe not in the best order above but all pertainant informaton. Especially #2.

    FYI me and my mechanic believe that GM employed an engineer whose job was to figure out how much copper winding was required to get a window motor to last past the warranty and not much longer. Same thoughts on wheel bearings/hub assembly, and rear wiper motors. :)

    Source(s): I've been in the car business for a while.
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    2004 Chevy Cavalier Window Motor

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    are you sure its the motors or the window regulators ....... the windows run on fuses and relays ........ have you tried another master switch panel from a junk yard ......... if you can get hold of the window motor plug from a junk car you can test the front motors with a 12volt scorce ie battery , power pack , jumpbox ....... unplug motor plug in other plug attach to power scorce motor should move window up or down ...... reverse wires motor should move window oposite way

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    You need to replace your window regulator. I would suggest alldata, mitchell on demand, or alldatadiy dot com for instructions.

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    you can't change it.i know cuz i have a 04' cavalier.

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